The types of red wines are determined by the grapes they are made from. Know about the different kinds of red wine.

Types Of Red Wine

Red wine is the most popular and preferred form of wine world over. But not many people know about the different types of red wine. The wines are classified according to the grapes they are produced from and the area they are prepared in. when only one variety is mentioned on the bottle, it is called a ‘varietal wine’. Such wines are named after the grape and the first letter would be a capital letter. Read on to know the different types of red wine.
Syrah / Shiraz (Pronounced as See-Rah / Shear-Oz)
Syrah wine, also known as Shiraz, is produced widely in places like Rhone Valley (France), California and Australia. The Syrah is known for its rich aroma and dark color. The taste usually is a rich, fruity black-currant one. The Syrah is one of the most common grape varieties. Depending on the location and fermentation of the grapes, it is used to produce a spicy, complex wine or a simple wine. Shiraz wine is usually used to produce some of the finest wine varieties in the world with dark color and rich aroma and flavor.
Merlot (Pronounced as Mehr-Low)
The Merlot is preferred by people these days due to the fact that it has a very soft and light taste. The Merlot grapes can be used independently to make Merlot wine and can also be blended with other grapes to produce some really fine wines. A cool consistent climate is preferred to grow Merlot wine grapes. It is grown in abundance in Italy, Romania, California, Washington State, Chile and Australia. The typical flavor of this wine resembles with the taste of black cherry and herbs.
Cabernet Sauvignon (Pronounced as Cah-burr-Nay Sow-vee-Nyoh)
One of the best varieties of wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is said to be one of the best varieties of wine, accepted world-wide. It is fermented in oak barrels to give it a unique taste. Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are most widely planted grapes world over. The grapes need ample sunshine and well-drained soils to grow. This wine is supposed to have health properties and when taken in moderation, is supposed to have health benefits like preventing cardiovascular diseases.
Pinot Noir (Pronounced as Pee-noh Nwah)
A rare variety, the Pinot Noir is known as the noblest variety of red wine grape. This rare grape is not very easy to grow and is produced in select places like Loire valley, California, Oregon, and New Zealand. Pinot Noir grapes are among the oldest varieties of wine grapes that are grown. Often, it so happens that the parent grape may produce a fruit that may be totally different in size, flavor, color and even aroma.
Zinfandel (Pronounced as Zin-fan-Dell)
This is one of the most versatile wines and is grown only in California. It is used to produce the red as well as white wines. The Zinfandel grapes are red skinned and have a very luscious texture. The skin is usually quite thin and if not picked in time, it may rot quickly. They grow in tight bunches and the fruits have much depth of flavor.
Sangiovese (Pronounced as San-jo-vay-zay)
Sangiovese wine is produced in Tuscany (Italy) and California. It has a strong plum and berry taste and is one of the most important grape that is planted. They are black colored grapes and are widely grown in Italy. These grapes usually give a high yield, even though they take time to ripen. The Sangiovese grapes produce wines that have medium to high natural acidity.
Barbera (Pronounced as Bar-bear-ah)
Though it has similar attributes as the Merlot, it is not as popular. This is a versatile wine and is produced on a large scale in California. It has a silky texture, juicy plum fruit taste and just the right amount of acidity. The grape that is used to produce Barbera wine is a juicy black one that grows in long tight bunches.

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