Indian wines have become quite popular in the international market. Read on to explore the top and the best wine brands in India

Indian Wines

Indian wines are getting increased recognition in the international market with time. The wine exports from the country are increasing at rapid pace, with the aggregate rise being somewhere around 9 percent. Of these, the maximum exports are being made to the European countries, including France. The wine brands of India are slowly gaining an entry into the list of the good wine brands in the foreign markets. Standing as a testimony to this is the fact that Grover Vineyards' (a Bangalore based Winery) premier red wine, La Reserve, has been named as one of the top-ranking wine brands in the world market by the Decanter magazine. Given below are the best wine brands of India
Top Wine Brands in India
Indage Wines
Indage, based in Narayangaon - on the Pune-Nashik Road, is counted amongst the leading Indian wine brands, both in volume as well as valuation. ‘Marquise de Pompadour’ brand of Indage was launched in 1986, while the famous ‘Chantilli’ came out in the year 1989. The wine brand was the first to make wines that were ‘bottled in India’, though the practice has now been discontinued.
Grover Vineyards
Grover Vineyards, the Bangalore-based winery, was established in the year 1989. The first wine under the wine brand came out in 1992 and since that time, the company has endeavored to maintain its excellent quality. One its premier red wine brands, La Reserve (a Cabernet Shiraz), was declared the best new world red wine in the August 1995 issue of Decanter magazine, by Steven Spurrier. It also a low-cost wine, known as Sante.
Sula Wines
Sula Wines, launched in the year 2000, was the brainchild of Rajiv Samant. It was the first marketing- savvy wine company in India and had initially positioned itself in the premium segment, giving high quality and selling at high price. However, with time, the wine company has entered all the price ranges and product segments in the wine industry. Amongst the numerous wineries based in Maharashtra, Sula is the one of the few worth writing about.
Sankalp Wines
The first winery to be established under the 'Grape Processing Industrial Policy 2001' was Sankalp Wines. The company is situated in the Vinchur Wine Park, on the outskirts of the Nashik city of Maharashtra. It launched its brand Vinsura Wines in 2003, which is now available throughout the country.
Renaissance Wines
Renaissance Wines are also amongst the few wineries situated in the vicinity of Nashik city. The winery is situated amidst rolling vineyards, inside a red-tiled hacienda-style building. The packaging is excellent and the taste pretty good. There are unconfirmed reports that Renaissance Wines has entered into a bottling agreement with the UB Group.
ND Wines
ND Wines, situated in the suburbs of Nashik, claims the distinction of being amongst the five largest wineries in India. However, the winery sells majority of its produce to Sula Wines. Only a small portion of the wines are sold under its own label.
Vintage Wines
Vintage Wines, yet another winery situated near Nashik, has been given the credit of producing one of the best wines in India today. Its Chenin Blanc, Syrah, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon Wines, which have been sold under the Reveilo label, have won critical acclaim throughout the world.

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