If you are a maverick or simply ultra-chic, dumping the traditional dressing gown and going for something dramatic may be your call. Read on to know some non-traditional wedding dress ideas.

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Your wedding is, undoubtedly, the most important occasion of your life. It is your D-Day as well as your dream day. You may have fantasized your wedding look ever since you entered your teens. For obvious reasons, you want to make your wedding memorable and what you wear on the day you walk the aisle will be a prominent factor in making your wedding an unforgettable event. A modern bride can wear anything on her wedding and if you are a little non-conformist, you can even choose a not-so-traditional dress, which compliments your free-spirited personality and unique sense of style. Below given are certain non-traditional wedding dresses, which you can use to rock your wedding in style!
Non Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas
The Sundress
Sundress is very popular in case of beach weddings and casual wedding ceremonies. It is basically an informal dress, which is more suited to summer weddings. This dress is worn without a layering top, which provides for sun exposure. Sundress will make you look cool on your wedding and certainly non-traditional. You can go for modern styles, which feature low necklines and short hemlines. It will be a good idea to go for a modest length.
The Short Dress
Short dress will suit those who have long and shapely legs. If you are more fashionable and like distinctive styles, short dress may just be your unconventional wedding dress. Mini dresses with longer capes in the back are also a nice option to try. However, if longer capes are not your call, you may simply go for a short white dress, which is pretty popular and looks ultra-feminine as well. Short dresses should be zeroed in on with a little care, as the idea is to feel sexy, yet comfortable, on your wedding day.
Colored Dresses 
Traditionally, white gowns are worn on the wedding day, as they are a symbol of purity and a fresh start. However, the trend seems to have been slightly altered these days, what with a lot of brides choosing gowns in different colors for their wedding day. You can go for your favorite color or a shade that compliments your skin tone. A splash of color on a white dress will also make you look like a different bride.
Heritage Dress
A heritage dress will make for a beautiful non-traditional wedding dress. You can go for wedding attire which reflects on either your or your husband’s heritage. A Chinese style kimono, an embroidered Indian sari, a Celtic dress or Native American regalia are your options, if you want flaunt your heritage on the day you tie the knot. This will be the perfect way to dress on your wedding, in case your wedding is culturally themed.
Create A Wedding Costume
If you are all set to create a wedding costume on your own, rather than selecting something from the available options, you have a plethora of ideas to try out. You can be your favorite Hollywood character on your wedding. Try a retro look with a dash of old Hollywood glamour. You can also match some sleek and sophisticated styles or go for a completely experimental wedding look. After, its your wedding and you have every right to exercise your choice!

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