Wedding favors for children, accompanying their parents to the wedding, should suit their age and tastes. Explore the article to know some popular wedding favor ideas for kids.

Wedding Favors For Children

Wedding favors are given to guests to make your marriage a memorable event for them. They also prove to be an expression of gratitude towards family and friends for making your wedding a special occasion, by making their presence felt. In case of weddings, many people end up giving the same favor to children as they give to the adults. It is important to remember that kids should be given gifts specific to their age, to make them happy about having attended your D-day. This article comes up with some great wedding favor ideas for children, so that they remember your glorious wedding for a long time to come.
Wedding Favor Ideas For Kids 
  • Children will be happy to receive goody bags filled with some sweets, toys, and some mini-coloring sets. Take care to make a proper mix of the things and not put any of the things in excess.
  • For girls, you can put dolls, little animals, chains and bracelets made of beads, marbles, etc. On the other hand, little cars, action figures, whistles, yo-yos, etc will be suitable for boys.
  • One good option for a wedding favor for children would be stuffed toys representing different animals or cartoon characters. There are a variety of options available in the market to stuff the toys with.
  • If your wedding has a beach theme, you can also throw a sand castle building challenge for the children. You can keep them engaged for some time and later, give a prize to all the children.
  • You can also give kids stuffed animals that match the theme of the wedding. A teddy bear dressed for a beach wedding or a Santa Clause for a Christmas-themed wedding are cool ideas.
  • Give the kids personalized mugs with handles, made in the shape of an animal. Write each child's name on the mug. Kids will be very excited on receiving a gift that has their name imprinted on it.
  • Children love eatables and a basket full of chocolates, cookies, pastries, marshmallows, nuts, muffins, candies will surely delight their taste buds. Tag along a small thank you card or a key chain, with their name printed on it.
  • Soap baskets are also a cool idea to be gifted to children. You can put in bubble bath solution and different shaped and colored soaps. Shampoo bottles and oils can also be added for elder children, to make them happy.
  • Older children, especially those who have entered their teens, would be happy with something like photograph frames or even music CD's with songs of their liking. Other items such as mini notebooks, flower seeds or games suited to their age will also be liked by them.
  • Bookmarks are also very affordable and fun favors for children. Children have their own ideas of using bookmarks. Even parents can make use of such a gift. Engrave a poem or an inspiring quote on the bookmarks. They can also be personalized by writing the names of kids on them.

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