Churning butter at home is a fairly easy process and does not require much time as well. With the help of the tips and instructions given in this article, know how to churn butter.

How To Churn Butter

Are you are one of those who always swear by butter on home-baked bread, rolls or almost every baked item? In case you have always bought butter from the market, for the purpose, it is the time to think a bit differently! If you are wondering what I am trying to say, let me tell you that I am talking about homemade butter. Not only is it easy to make, but also much more delicious than market-bought one. All you require for the purpose is fresh milk, a churner or a jar and some time at hand. Want to know more on how to churn butter at home? Go through the following lines and explore all the details.
Churning Butter At Home
  • You can make use of the milk of cow, goat or buffalo, for the purpose of churning butter. Take a clean container and collect the milk in it. Now, set the milk aside for sometime, 12 hours at least, inside the refrigerator.
  • After the said time period is over, remove the container from the refrigerator. By this time, there will be a layer of cream on top of the milk. Separate this cream from milk by skimming it slightly, making use of a spoon for the purpose. Put the cream in a jar, with a tight lid.
  • Now, you have to make the cream go sour, so that its acidic content gets developed. This is one of the most important steps in the whole process of making good quality butter.
  • Choose a spot in your house where the temperature is between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Now keep the collected cream at the place, for approximately 12 hours.
  • Once you are done with the souring process, it is the time to churn the butter. For the purpose, you can make use of a rocker churn, dash churn, wooden barrel churn, tin churn, stoneware churn, or glass churn jar.
  • Now, put the soured cream in the butter churn and start stirring it. Every butter churn has a different assembly for churning butter, so use it accordingly.
  • In case you do not have any churn with you, make use of a simple jar for the process of churning. All you have to do is shake the jar until the butter gets formed.
  • There is no specific duration after which the butter will be formed. You have to keep on stirring the cream until butter balls begin to form. Do make sure to churn the butter in a uniform manner and keep an eye on the cream, as you stir it. When you see a yellowish globule, it means the butter has been formed.
  • Now is the time to separate the butter from the buttermilk, the white fluid that gets left behind when you churn butter. For the purpose, you need to put the butter in a container and add some cold water to it. Now, rinse the butter in the water and then drain it.
  • Transfer the butter to a clean container and sprinkle some salt on it, in order to preserve it. Your homemade butter is ready. Add salt and pepper to taste and start eating!

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