What better occasion can there be than your own wedding to enliven a uniquely romantic theme idea. Explore the article for some great theme ideas for a memorable wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Themes

Who can debate that marriage is the most defining moment of one's life? You are going to walk the aisle and want to make it an affair to remember for everyone. Having dreamt of this day since long, you obviously had something special and different in mind for the D-day and selecting a befitting theme is very important as it sets the stage for further wedding planning, design and decoration.  Following a wedding theme is also a sure way to make it enjoyable and memorable for everyone attending the wedding. Explore the article to know some unique wedding reception themes and get hitched in style.
Wedding Theme Ideas
All Black/All White Themes
White is a natural choice for many at their wedding because it signifies purity. White has a special charm and it looks simple, yet suave and perfect for an auspicious occasion like wedding. An all-black theme is also preferred by many as there can be nothing more classy than black. Black is an all time favorite of the celebrities to give a shiny and elegant look to the wedding proceedings. Call the shots according to your favorite color.
Formal Theme
Formal theme is an extensively popular wedding theme. Formal theme can give a traditional and no nonsense look to the wedding, although it may lack flamboyance. However, for those who don’t want to experiment much and keep it simple, formal is the best theme.
Bollywood Theme
Bollywood theme makes perfect sense for the movie buffs. Dress up as your favorite celebrity and ask your guests to dress according to their favorites. Arrange for a cinematic setting at your reception and let your Bollywood hangover come alive at your wedding.
Beach Theme
Beach theme is excellent for people who love having fun and are willing to experiment. In fact, beach reception weddings are quite a rage these days. Give it a Hawaiian touch to make it all the more enjoyable and entertaining for your guests.
Musical Theme
The lovers of music can go for a melodious wedding with their favorite songs being played after the ceremony while you can do with the contemporary music during the ceremony. As a wedded couple, you and your partner can also dance to the tune of a favorite love-ballad.
Flower Theme
Flower theme can be either kept separate, or clubbed with any of the above suggested themes. Marriages and flowers have been synonymous for ages and a beautiful flower décor in your wedding will add to the romance between the two of you.
Traditional Theme
Traditional theme can be understood as a theme symbolic of our long-standing folk culture and traditions. It is especially suitable for partners who are of different descent. A sublime fusion of two cultures and their respective customs will give a great look to your wedding reception and invitees will remember it for a long time to come.

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