Don’t break the bank to make your wedding reception perfect. Read more to find wedding reception budget tips for that beautiful and elegant reception.

Wedding Reception Budget Tips

If only your pockets were as filled as your heart with love for one another! Wedding receptions are special and you strive hard to make it just perfect. However, spending your life saving on your big day might be a bit crazy .Wedding reception is an expensive affair, however, you can organize a beautiful and elegant wedding reception without breaking the bank. Money can be a big issue, when planning a wedding reception! What you need is a budget for smooth planning to make your day a success. To work on a budget might require some time and preparation as you will look around for cost friendly options. Choosing cost friendly options doesn’t mean that your wedding reception will lose its grand look or your guests will not be well entertained. Creating a wedding budget means knowing how much you can afford to spend, what are your preferences, and what can serve as alternatives, before you actually start spending! Here are a few wedding reception budget tips, which will help you plan your wedding reception without digging a hole in your pocket.
Wedding Reception Budget Ideas 
  • The months from May to October, are popular wedding season. Almost seventy percent weddings take place during this period. It won’t be incorrect to say that even in matters of heart, the law of demand and supply applies. If there are lots of weddings planned during a season, then the prices of location, florists, and stylists will undoubtedly be high. So, it will be a great idea to schedule your wedding in an off season month. In these months, you will be able to avail all wedding services in much better deals.
  • The major expense in a wedding reception is on food and beverages. A good way to cut down on the expenses of wedding reception food is by serving food in buffet-style. You can hire professionals to prepare the buffet food. This will definitely cost you less than hiring wedding caterers for buffet.
  • Wedding reception hotels, banquets, and halls may look glamorous but they are very expensive. So, look for some other options for your wedding reception. If someone in your friend circle has a large yard then backyard-wedding reception can be your pick. Local area park is another great option for outdoor wedding reception. It will be much less expensive than renting a reception hall.
  • Decorations are absolutely necessary for your wedding reception. However, it’s important to spend money strategically. Spend more money on the things that people will notice throughout the event and not on things that will shine alone. For example, flowers to adorn your wedding cake table are less important when cake will be the center of attention. Instead of expensive floral arrangement, you can choose candles to add elegance and style to your wedding reception that too with little cost.
  • Flowers are an integral part of wedding reception décor and can cost heavy on your pocket. If you want your wedding reception to glitter with flowers then choose flowers, which are in season and easily available. Traditional daisies, gerbera daisies, carnations, chrysanthemums can be your pick as they are best priced. Avoid roses and orchids, as they are expensive and will surely affect your budget.
  • It’s a great idea to give a theme to your wedding reception. It can be the best way to cut costs. Try choosing Mexican theme, and offer your guests a buffet of traditional Mexican food. This food choice will definitely cost you less than rib and asparagus. Limit your bar choices to Mexican beers and margueritas. Or you can pick beach wedding as the theme and set the atmosphere for bonfire. To go with your theme, you can offer grilled chicken, vegetable kababs and beer
  • Hiring a DJ is one cost, which can be eliminated. It doesn’t mean that you plan your wedding reception without music. Download a playlist of appropriate wedding reception songs to a laptop or iPod. Hire a speaker system and ask your friend to be your DJ for the event.
  • It might be difficult to do but it’s important to cut down the number of guests for making your wedding reception fit in your budget. Invite just those guests, which your space can hold and budget allows.

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