If you are planning to give the newlyweds a reception after their beach wedding, you can find some great ideas here.

Beach Wedding Reception Ideas

Marriage is considered a sacred event as it is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of any human being. Unlike the olden days when marriages were more of a private affair, today they have changed their looks and style in many ways. Weddings have evolved into lavish affairs in which every one tries his/her best to make his/her marriage the talk of the town. There are umpteen choices to choose from for the event to take plac. A beach is one such place where you can have a blast for a wedding or a wedding reception. It’s all about how you set the things right for a wedding after selecting the venue. Given here are some ideas on how to give a beach wedding reception.
Ideas For Beach Wedding Reception 
  • To make your wedding reception the talk of the town you need to pay attention to every little details of arranging a party. Choosing a beach itself will make news and if it is fanciful, you can break news as well.
  • You can make your wedding reception theme-based. Why not make it more of a nautical one blending well with the beach atmosphere?
  • Let your reception be more of a beach party and make sure to mention this beforehand to the wedding guests. You can ask them to come for the reception in a complete luau style than the sophisticated look. Let them have a ball of a time by encouraging them to shed their shoes and dig their toes into the sand. Fun filled atmosphere and beach music will make it all the more pleasant.
  • Bright colors and umbrellas are fun. Brighter the overall look of the venue, happier the guests.
  • Balloons not only fascinate the children but the grown-ups also. If you want to have a simple yet fun filled beach decoration, you can connect beach balls to helium-filled balloons via fishing line and scatter them around whole of the reception area.
  • You can order for a cake with a nautical theme set on it. Have some candy designed in seashells to decorate the cake, and you can even scatter the real seashells as well along with it.
  • Use colorful pails with some colorful sand in it and add tea lights.
  • Hurricane lamps hung all over the area will be an added attraction giving your reception a rustic image as well.
  • You can either get seashell place cards made out of plaster of paris or the real ones, and using a permanent marker write the names of the guests on that and place them on the respective tables.
  • You can have a wonderful centerpiece set on the tables by getting a small glass fish bowl and filling it with sand. Place a candle down into the bowl and light it. You can scatter some sand or seashells around it.
  • To create a beach ambience use Adirondack chairs, to be placed around the area. Lean a surfboard or two facing each other and use a fish net to complete the look.
  • Why not hire some local dancers who will entertain the guests with the beats of the place where the marriage is been arranged?
  • End your reception with a scrumptious meal with lots of seafood, fruits, vegetables and the like.

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