Photography has a lot more to do with technique than an expensive camera. Here’s how to become a photographer.

How To Become A Photographer

Pictures, they say, speak more than words can ever express which is perhaps why photography is the most expensive hobby that one can pursue – because each picture taken is priceless! There was a time when people actually took the pains to research a certain place or terrain before they captured it on celluloid, because equipment as well as the film came quite dear. They carefully looked at each corner of the frame before they took a picture and created masterpieces that have been put up as case studies for aspiring young photographers. Nicéphore Niépce, Ansel Adams, and Louis Daguerre were some people who really took the art and science of photography seriously and spent hours, painstakingly analyzing each corner of the frame of what they intended to shoot. Then came the digital era and everything began to be counted in pixels. The art in photography was feared to be on the verge of extinction as the ‘Delete’ button played havoc with the need to look into the frame. As incomes increase and technology becomes cheaper, it has become increasingly common to hear people say, “I love photography.” To be a professional photographer, you need more than just equipment – you need to know the science and the art behind it. Here’s how to become a photographer. 

Tips To Be A Professional Photographer
The following are the steps you can follow to become a trained lensman: 

Watch And Observe 
A photographer has to possess ‘the eye’ which is the one attribute that sets him/her apart from all those who see nothing worthwhile in what is ‘mundane’ or ‘boring’. A photographer is also able to bring out the most discerning quality or attribute that his/her subject possesses. A keen observation is the first thing that will help you into becoming the photographer. Also, in the process, you will realise what exactly it is that never fails to attract your attention – it could be flowers, children, old buildings, old people, animals on the street and so on. In fact, some people love to photograph street vendors of eatables, especially when they are cooking, for instance, a street vendor of kebabs throwing a piece of dough in the air while he makes Rumali roti. These are the things that may not bring any response in others except a photographer or an artiste of any other capacity.
Decide which type of photography – such as fashion photography, wildlife photography, portrait, landscape, product, or fine arts photography – depending on your interests and talents. You could also search the internet for some online resources and organizations. As you are bound to find out, each of the branches of photography demands a different approach and different kind of knowledge and equipments. For instance, to become a wildlife photographer, you will need to know about the various species of animals that are known to exist in the country and also powerful lenses and tripods since you will be shooting in very unfriendly terrain, while to become a fashion photographer, you will be required to know about the latest trends in fashion – be it apparel or jewelry and also be able to judge potential faces or trends in fashion.
Off The Course 
If your main interest lies in photojournalism or if you would like to be a photographic specialist in medicine or other sciences, you will have to go through a four-year course in such sciences; it is absolutely necessary. Apart from giving you the necessary technical and aesthetic knowhow, the contacts you make at the institution and the experience you receive from required college internships will come in handy all life.
May I Assist You? 
Always be willing to work as the assistant to a photographer even after you have gained some experience. It will be impossible for you to compete with long established photographers for some time; also, this is the best possible way to learn some tricks of the trade from the horse’s mouth.
Workshops And Seminars 
There are many workshops and seminars that are held periodically, which you can attend to update yourself on the latest technical advances in the field of photography. Learn everything you can about your craft. For instance, although your goal may be to become a wildlife photographer, you should also be skilled at photographing people as well as landscapes.

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