All set to tie the knot but concerned about the budget? Well, now you too can have a great wedding, without compromising on your budget. Just check out the frugal wedding tips and enjoy your D-day.

Tips For A Budget Wedding

A wedding is indeed one’s ‘big ticket’ to the grander scheme of life and it’s only reasonable if one dreams of a fairy-tale wedding. However, fairy-tale weddings come with a price tag, and that too an expensive one, which can make all your lavish plans look like a distant dream at times. Gone are those days when wedding was all about opulence, champagne and grandeur. Today, more and more people are looking for options to get their weddings sorted in a white bread and soda pop budget. Blame it on the sweltering economy, shrinking investments or sheer prudence, today people are game for a pocket-sized wedding, rather than all the hype and publicity. While cost is indeed a concern for many, the happy news is you do not have to compromise on the quality and fun anymore, all in the name of cost-cutting. Now, you too can have a great, fun wedding in an affordable budget. All you have to do is plan well and then spend your bucks judiciously. Just check out the following cost-effective tips for a budget wedding and get vowing! Read on for more.
Frugal Wedding Tips
  • Are you planning to tie the knot in a shoe-string budget?  If yes, then it would be wise to skip the busiest dates on the calendar and head for an off-season wedding instead, to save those extra bucks. Most wannabe brides prefer to get hitched sometime around October to February, when practically the prices of all things, locations, limousines and florists shoot up. For better deals on every wedding service, try scheduling your wedding in one of the off-season months.  
  • If you do not wish to forward elaborate buffets, full-course dinner and ceaseless wine and champagne, scheduling your wedding during the day-time may save your wallet from getting fagged. Nighttime weddings are indeed a pricey affair, where sumptuous dinner fare and endless alcohol can actually zonk you out of your moolah. Hosting a beautiful morning or an early afternoon brunch will save your wedding budget from getting haywire.
  • How about planning your wedding in a different city altogether? However, this is only possible if you are game to the idea of fewer guests and inexpensive wedding. Destination weddings cost less on average, because they tend to have fewer guests, which means fewer dinners and drinks to cover. Most couples opt for wedding getaways to different destination to curb wedding cost. However, if you wish to spend your big day in company of close pals, without having you to pinch in pennies for their travel expense, choosing a convenient location, which most invitees can reach easily, will help.
  • Every bride dreams of an extravagant bridal gown, which sadly never comes cheap. However, if you are planning to do some cost-cutting for your big day, ransacking the bridal salon for that perfect not so-pocket-friendly bridal trousseau may not be a heartwarming bet. How about going for a discontinued dress or better rummaging the sale racks of smaller dress shops or consignment shops for your bridal suite? Elegant, understated gowns have been in vogue for a while. Hence finding that more-affordable bridal wear may not be a bad bet!
  • When it comes to pinching your wedding reception in a pocket-size budget, indulging in some cost-cutting decoration ideas can clinch the deal for you! Planning your decoration advantageously can save your wallet from getting drained. Often the florists may talk us into getting large bouquets and huge plants for the entryways that will eventually end up in the trash bin. Blowing away your bucks for things that your guests are unlikely to recall as soon as they leave the banquet hall is indeed not worth it? Instead spend on tasteful centerpieces, decked up cakes and of course budget friendly lights.
  • Trimming your guest list may actually be a real money-saver! There is no quicker, easier and a pocket-friendly way to check your budget than by limiting the size of the event. Remember, every time you add a name to the guest list, the catering costs inflate. Avoid inviting anyone you have not seen or met in five years. Also, feel free to send solo invites to anyone not in a relationship. It’s best to skip out on not-so-close acquaintances like friends from volunteer work, your gym friends and others.

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