Are you planning to host a banquet for your family and friends? If yes, then checking up with these interesting banquet decorating ideas and tips will be of a huge help. Read on for more.

Banquet Decorating Ideas

When you think of a banquet, the first thing that comes to your mind is a gala evening flooded with fun, food and festivity. Have you ever stopped to consider what makes a banquet so worth enjoying? While the reason for celebration is enough excuse to get your spirits high, the banquet agreeably sets up the tone for all the celebrations, adding to the joys of any jubilation. A banquet hall is where all things happen and thus is the center stage for any event, be it a wedding reception or a birthday party, or even the more formal affairs like a retirement party or a corporate fete. It is a place where people meet to talk, eat, get entertained and party. How you set up your banquet hall goes a long way to determine how much your guests would enjoy the party. While the options for setting up a banquet are quite a little, most often it depends on the hosts’ ability to flex his creative muscles. If you have been toying with the idea to host a banquet for your friends and family any time soon, checking out these interesting banquet decorating ideas may help. Read on for more.
Ideas For Decorating Banquet
Centerpieces not only crown your table top, but they also beautify the interiors and set up the tone for your banquet. Choosing your centerpiece entails loads of thought and not to forget, oodles of creative tapping. Keeping in mind a few basics while selecting your centerpieces will help you win wows from all quarters. Firstly, it is important to select a centerpiece that usually falls above or below eye level, so that it does not impede communication. Also, it is important to choose pieces that stand out and grab all eye-balls. You can go for centerpieces with floating aromatic lamps and scented flowers, baskets filled with fruits or bouquet of flowers, attractively decorated fish bowls and more.
One of the biggest show stoppers of any banquet hall is the elegantly styled chairs that often add up to the grandeur of any well-styled event. It is important to have tastefully chosen chairs that are perfectly in sync with the decoration of the place. Fabrics such as cotton, linen or denim can be folded into a bow or simply tied into a knot to add a touch of pure sophistication to the seats. 
Displays are meant to be the attention-grabber of any event. What you wish to display depends on how personal and special the occasion is and how you wish to entertain your guests.  Cherished candid photographs and priceless memoirs can be summed up and put into display for personal evenings. For a formal or official party, use the display table to introduce the guests of honor to the others, by placing photos, past awards, hobbies and souvenirs of the person. Display tables can be accented with candles, fresh flowers or party favors for the guests to take home later.
A perfect lighting truly lights up the mood for any event. They not only balance the light of the place, but also set the tone for the celebration. For instance, for a romantic getaway, candle light or dim lit bulbs are the best bet. However, in case of a formal celebration like award function or social gathering, you may wish to have more flashy lights. For a more pompous affair, such as wedding or engagement party, going for flashy colorful lights and halogens are a great option to explore.
Room Decor
The decor of your banquet mirrors the ambience of the event. For decorating the banquet, you can opt for banquet themes to do up the interiors. Decking up your banquet hall is after all a matter of taste and elegance. However, it is important to keep up the decor in sync with the event. For instance, for a sporty, social gathering, you can take bright, bold plunges and play with colors. Using white or black background for a more corporate gathering will stand out for pure sophistication. For a more jovial, personal event, you can play with shades of orange, red, blue, yellow and even pastels.
Culinary Crafting
Food is more about eyes than about hunger. Thus, it is important to lay a platter that especially gels with the ambience of the event and even adds to its appeal. Find a caterer who specializes in culinary crafting and preparing great-tasting food. This would serve a double purpose as the food would not only be a great binging option, but also serve as the ideal centerpiece and decorative element in the room. Working closely with a professional, you can create an entire menu that utilizes his carving skills.
Unusal Touches
Stretch your creative zest and spruce up your banquet by adding LED lights underneath frosted plates or other unexpected touches. These are sure to leave your guests talking for weeks. Lit up ice sculptures, chocolate dessert fountains or waterfall punch bowls also are great contemporary decorating ideas for banquets. No matter how you choose to decorate the tables, just remember that getting a little innovative and unusual will add to the functionality of the party itself.

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