Decorating a buffet table can be fun and enjoyable. In the article below are some tips on buffet table decoration ideas.

Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

Buffet as a technique of food serving has its origin in the 17th century France. It is believed that during those days, ladies would unexpectedly receive callers wooing them, and their arrival threw the kitchen staff into disarray who could only serve cold fare. This they served on a table and in order not to disturb the master and mistress they would leave them to serve themselves. That became the basic idea for a buffet, no waiters or attendants rather each person serving for themselves. Whatever the legend, buffets have become a great hit in large gatherings. Since every person serves for himself there is no added expense for hiring maids and waiters. Now buffets are prevalent in business conventions, weddings, house parties, and hotels. Buffets are accepted more because of their uniqueness. The heaps of food and dazzling crockery arranged artistically in a large table is a sight to see. So, now a competition has risen on how to arrange and decorate the perfect, one of its kind, buffet table. The design and placement of food and crockery has become an art by itself, to dazzle the guests, as much by the decoration, as the food. Below are some innovative ideas for buffet table decorations.
Tips On Effective Buffet Table Decoration 
  • In a buffet table, everything should be within reach. So, make sure that you don’t put anything far back on the table.
  • Decide whether you want to have a one-sided or a two-sided buffet. In a one-sided buffet where the table is set against the wall, place the taller items on the rear of the table.
  • Use table clothes and napkins of contrasting colors, so that, it stays out among the silverware. Also, use flowers and ribbons to decorate the table. You can also make figurines with vegetables and place them among the food.
  • The food should be placed in a systematic manner starting with appetizers till the desert. Place a chocolate fountain or an ice-cream mound as a centerpiece and arrange the food around it. Always aim to enhance the visual appeal by directing lights around the centerpiece.
  • If you don’t want to use the table cloth, you can use colored paper or napkins and build colored blocks on the table. Place your food among these colorful blocks.
  • Skewers with vegetable garnish, fruits, and meat can be used so that the buffet line is not held up. In addition, it is a great eye-catcher.
  • Be sure to place the foods at various heights on the table using decorated boxes. This would avoid the spill over and also increase the visual appeal.
  • Use mirrors to heighten the effect. Mirrors of various sizes can be placed around the dishes to highlight the effect.
  • Keep a separate table for barbeque so that the guests can grill their own meats and vegetables.

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