Braiding hemp is easy to learn and is a great hobby. In the article below are a few tips on how to get started on making hemp jewelry.

How To Braid Hemp

Hemp braiding is a very ancient technique of making jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings and other ornaments using only one material: hemp. Beads of various shapes and sizes are used to add style. To braid hemp various types of knots and stitches are used depending on the thickness of the twine. Using hemp to make jewelry is still prevalent in various communities of the world. It is also an addictive hobby and a source of livelihood for many. Hemp braiding is easy to learn, interesting and you can make effective use of your creativity, which led to its having a massive following. The hemp twine is derived from the hemp plant and because of its durability and strength is also used to make paper, fishing nets, clothing and textiles. Tools required are few – hemp twine, scissors and few accessories like beads, cords etc. Nowadays, different colors of hemp and assortments are available but the “natural tan” color remains the favorite. Here are some simple steps on how to get started on braiding hemp.
How To Make Hemp Jewelry
Things Required 
  • Hemp twine (1mm or 20 lb)
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Cords 
Steps For Making Hemp Jewelry 
  • Select hemp twine of preferred thickness. 1mm or 20 lb twines are mostly used to make hemp jewelry. The twine should be of even thickness and smooth. If not, it can be waxed which will also give it a glossy effect.
  • Cords, beads, and cord tips should be taken as added accessories.
  • Hemp braiding is done by making knots so it is essential to figure out the desired length of the twine. The length depends on the number and size of the beads because beads require fewer knots.
  • Four strands of hemp twine are used. Two strands must be at least five or six times longer, as these will be used to form knots over the two shorter ones, on which beads can be strung.
  • The easiest and basic form of hemp jewelry is the two knot. It involves the tangling of the two longer strands along with the two shorter strands.
  • Beads are added to the two shorter strands and the longer strands are used to make a knot over it. The short twines are inserted through the beads but if the holes are too small then the beads can be sewn onto the twine. Use beads of various colours and shapes interspersed throughout the strands.
  • Another style of braiding hemp is the wrapping knot method. This technique is the same as that of making hair warp. Only two strands are required and the pattern is spiral.
  • There are very simple methods to finish braiding the hemp. The simplest one is to tie the ends together. Another method is to start with an extra long twine at the beginning so that there is some extra strand left after the braiding. Make a loop at one end and attach a bead or clasp at the other so that these can catch hold of the loop. You can also use slider knots where both strands are knotted to each other and that can slide apart.

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