Do you want to know how to make beautiful hemp necklaces? If yes, then browse through the article and get instructions on making a beautiful hump necklace.

How To Make Hemp Necklaces

Native to Cannabis genus, the hemp plant is growing in popularity as an item used for making ornaments, such as necklace. You may think that making a necklace out of a hemp is very difficult. But, it is totally the opposite. In fact, if you know the right technique of tying the knots and knitting the strands of hemp, you can make a beautiful necklace within no time! You may add beads to it or hang a pendant, to improve its attractiveness. In this article, we have given the basic instructions on how to make hemp necklaces easily.
Making Hemp Necklace
Supplies Needed 
  • Hemp
  • Scissors 
  • First, measure the length around your neck. Multiply the measurement by twelve, to arrive at the length of hemp needed for your jewelry.
  • The next step is to cut a strand of that length of hemp, with the help of a pair of scissors.
  • Cut another strand of hemp, of the same length.
  • Now, fold the two strands of hemp into equal halves. Using your left index finger, make an overhand knot.
  • It is the time to make the necklace. First, tie the loop of the overhand knot under a heavy object, say, a chair leg. This is to keep it in place, while you tug the four free strands onto it.
  • Divide the four free strands into three parts, with a single strand on the left side, a single strand on the right, and the other two strands positioned in the middle.
  • Pull the left strand diagonally, towards its left side. Hold it in place. Now, create a figure 'four' by positioning the end of the strand across the two strands in the middle.
  • Place the right strand over the top of the left strand. By doing this, it should be towards the right of the two middle strands.
  • After doing this, pull the same strand under the point at which the other two sections intersect. Do it by pulling through the center of the 'four'.
  • It is the time to pull the left strand taut, using your right hand and right strand taut, with your left hand. While doing this, ensure that the center section stays tight. By doing this, a knot will be made just below the knot that holds the two strands together.
  • Repeat the above step, beginning with the strand that is now positioned on the left.
  • Repeat the above steps, until you reach the desired length for your necklace.
  • After reaching the required length, tie a knot at the end of the necklace. This will hold all the strands of the hemp taut.
  • Cut off the remaining free strands.
  • Your hemp necklace is ready to be worn!

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