The bottle cap is the ‘in-thing’ when new necklace party favors are considered. Find more on bottle cap necklace party favors in this article

Bottle Cap Necklace Party Favors

Party favors are something that is unavoidable even for the smallest of parties. Especially if you are great host and throw the party ever so often, then you would know the importance of favors, and how it brings smiles on your guests’ faces. You wish to do something outstanding about the favors every time you throw a party. The new kind of favor that has made it to the ‘in’ list is the ‘bottle cap’. Yes, you heard it right! Favors made from bottle cap are not only easy to make but are also easy on the pocket, look creative and beautiful especially bottle cap necklaces. They are in great demand as they make excellent party favors and any guest would be happy to receive one. The fun thing is that they can be bought as well as make very good craftwork. For whichever party you are throwing, bottle cap necklaces make excellent party favor. Read further to know more on how to make bottle cap necklace party favor. 
How To Make Bottle Cap Necklace Party Favors 
Different types of bottle cap necklaces are available in market, which can be great for birthday party favors. Such decorative finished bottle caps are sold with colorful ribbons or a silver ball chain making it a beautiful neck ornament. Sometimes you even find it embellished with small dangling beads giving it an altogether different look. Other than the ready-made necklaces, you can make one yourself very easily; if you really want to give your party favors, a personal touch. You can keep this necklace in a satin bag and present it as a party favor when your guests leave. Find how to make a bottle cap necklace here.
Crystal Bottle Cap Necklace
Things You Need
  • Resin kit
  • 1 bottle cap (used or unused)
  • Heart beads/crystals
  • Chain, rope, or leather twine
  • Tiny piece of leather
  • Spray paint (any color) 
How To Make
  • Paint the bottle cap in any color of your choice, in and out.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Take a heart shaped crystal and stick it to the centre of the bottle cap.
  • Take 5 smaller beads and stick them all around the heart shaped crystal.
  • You can also glue smaller crystals instead of beads.
  • Mix the resin kit as mentioned in the instructions.
  • Fill the cap using the resin completely.
  • Let it completely dry.
  • Cut out a small piece of leather.
  • Glue it to the back of the bottle cap by forming a small tunnel.
  • Run a thread so that it can be worn through the neck by tying a knot at the end of it. 
Photo Bottle Cap Necklace
Things You Need
  • 1bottle cap
  • Any photo ( size of the bottle cap)
  • Thread or any wire
  • Jump ring
  • Pliers 
How To Make
  • Make a hole on the top of the bottle cap using a nail and a hammer.
  • Using pliers, fit in the jump ring into the hole of the bottle cap.
  • Punch a hole into the small photo or image that you have.
  • Glue the punched image to the bottle cap.
  • Seal the bottle cap using resin .
  • Wait for at least 24 hrs before it is totally dry.
  • Now you can pass the thread through the jump ring that you had fitted in through the hole.

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