Class reunion party is the perfect way to remember the good old school days and have fun with your old classmates. Read on to get some ideas about class reunion party favors.

Class Reunion Favors

Do you miss the time when you were in school - less responsibilities and more fun? How you wish you could turn the time back and still be a school boy/girl, unmindful of the harsh realities of life! Though it is not possible to go back to that time, you can surely re-create the scenario once again. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about a class reunion party, where you can catch up with your old classmates and have great fun. A class reunion party is all about the old look, old music, old people and old fun. However, one aspect that most of the people tend to overlook in such a case is party favors. They form a very important aspect of the party, as they serve as a souvenir, helping your classmates remember the party in future. Given below are some great ideas for class reunion party favors.
Class Reunion Party Favors 
  • CD, with songs that were a hit during your high school days, will make one of the best party favors for your class reunion. In this case, try to go for universal songs, which were liked by almost everyone.  
  • It is great idea for give personalized coffee mugs to your guests, embossed with the logo of your school. You can even add the name of your class as well as the year of graduation alongside.
  • Apparel makes one of the best gifts for class reunion parties. You can go for colorful t-shirts, with your school name and graduation year printed on it. They will surely be liked by one and all.
  • Scan the photo of your classmates from the graduation group-picture. Now, use them to make new identity cards for them. Give them the ID as soon as they reach the venue and give them away as favors, in the end.
  • DVDs, burned with school-time photos, is sure to help your classmates happily reminisce over the good ol' days. You can also add old music in the background, to add to the memories.
  • If you are one of those creative people who love to indulge in craft making, then homemade bead necklaces would surely be a very good option. If possible, try to make them in your school colors.
  • Personalized pens, with the school name as well as the year of graduation written on them, also make good class reunion party favors. If you have the budget, include a pen stand along with the pens.
  • If you still have the graduation photo with you, get copies made from the neighborhood photo shop, as many as the number of guests coming to your party. Next, put them in nice photo frames and gift as favors.
  • Key chains, engraved with your school name and graduation year, will prove to be yet another reminder of the earlier times as well as reunion party. Make sure to wrap the gift nicely, before handing it over.
  • Some other favor options that you can make use of comprise of miniature vases, scented candles, paperweights (engraved with the name of the person and his house team) and wine gift baskets.

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