How to be a good poet is a tricky, yet interesting question. To know how to become a good poet, read on.

How To Be A Poet

Poetry is one of the most creative forms of expression. It involves expression of thoughts by means of well chosen words. It is said that poetry can encompass the whole meaning of life within the scope of a few words. Many of us have the capability of writing well, but do not know how to use their resources and talent effectively. As a result, we are not able to route our energies to the best of the purpose. Thus, it is very important to know the correct method of approaching the process. If you are a creative soul and are looking for some tips on how to become a poet, this article is worth reading. In the following lines, we have provided effective tips on how to write a poem
How To Write A Poem 
  • Before thinking of becoming a poet and writing a poem, you need to first figure out the genre of your interest. It is very important to decide what kind of poem you would like to pen down. Would you like to write a romantic poem or a tragic verse, a poem that displays nature’s bounty or one that has an inspirational theme to it?
  • Make sure you choose your subject wisely. Remember, it is important for you to feel deeply about the subject. Only then would you be able to pen down a poem that is an enriched one.
  • In case you don’t feel much about the subject, gather some information about it so that you are able to write a good informative poem.
  • Like most of the poets, it is very important for you to find a source of inspiration. It can be anything, such as nature, environment, your life, people, someone you admire, your love, and so on.
  • One of the best ways to write poetry is to prepare a first draft disorderly. Just write down all the thoughts that come to your mind when you think of the topic, in your first draft. This will help you get a hold of the flow of your thoughts. Now, just revise, prune and shear the poem, till the time it feels just right.
  • Another way to write a poem would be to think of a topic. Now, jot down all the associated words that come to your mind when you think of it. For instance, if the topic is love, the words that come to your mind can be roses, candles, letters, and so on.
  • Once you have noted the words, use a thesaurus and find synonyms for the same. Remember, poetry is all about flamboyance and splendor.
  • Now, just direct your thoughts and write your poem. A good poem is one that is written from the heart and not from the mind.
  • While writing, make sure you do not overstretch the poem to an extent, where it says everything you want to say. Remember, when a poem is a little vague, it leaves scope for the reader to make out what you want to say in between the lines. 
  • It is very important to attain poetic virtue, which states that you need to shape up and fast. For this, you can use an existing paragraph and arrange it into a poem.

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