Are you wondering what is a cinquain poem and how do you write it? Go through the article to know the tips for writing such a genre of poetry.

How Do You Write A Cinquain Poem

Considered to be a literary art, poems best express the emotions and feelings of a person. They explicitly articulate what a person wants to communicate. Though they are a true mirror of a person’s feeling, a lot of intellectual is required to understand the deep meaning lying behind them. Writing poems not only helps you to be more expressive in life, but also gives a way to the mind, to open up its wings and fly into the outer world. These wings are a great lesson for young birds in the creative field.
There are various types and genres of poetry writing. One such is the cinquain style of writing, which literally means a five-line poem or stanza. Such a poem deals with only one topic and describes the actions and feelings associated with it, in detail. Moreover, it gives the reader freedom of interpretation with the common essence. The style of this form of poetry was invented by the American poet Adelaide Crapsey, in her poetry work with the name ‘The Complete Poems’, in the year 1915. Read on to find ways and tips on how do you write a cinquain poetry.
Writing Cinquain Poetry
There are three styles of writing cinquain poetry. In the following lines, we have detailed the way you write each style of such a poem.
Style: 1
Line1: One word that is usually the topic of the poem usually a noun.
Line2: Two words that describes the topic usually an adjective
Line 3: Three words that tells the action verbs
Line 4: Four words that can be sentence expressing emotions
Line 5: One word the last summed up feeling
Style: 2
Line1: A noun
Line2: Two adjectives
Line 3: Three words ending in 'ing'
Line 4: A phrase
Line 5: Another word for the noun
Style: 3
Line1: Two syllables
Line2: Four syllables
Line 3: Six syllables
Line 4: Eight syllables
Line 5: Two syllables
Some Tips 
  • Limit yourself to the topic and do not wander off the track. It is best to focus on one issue or element, to make it interesting.
  • Keep the interest of your readers and be clear of what you want to say. Otherwise, a confused state of mind will reflect in your poetry and will force the readers to avoid it completely.
  • While writing the poetry, express or articulate emotions well. The poem must communicate your feelings and emotions to the readers, who should be able to comprehend it well.
  • The choice of words should be done carefully. They should be perfectly in sync with the meaning that you want to convey.
  • Do not compose a serious and somber poem in cinquain style. Make sure to keep an element of fun in the poetry.
  • It is quite beneficial for young kids to open their minds through words and cinquain poetry is the best way to do the same. Explain a topic to them like a butterfly, a friend, parents, pets etc, and ask them to express their feeling for the same. You can also give them an option to choose a topic that they strongly feel about.

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