While writing invitations, be sure to include all the necessary details regarding the event. If you do not know how to write an invitation, explore the instructions and tips given in the article.

How To Write Invitation

Invitation is the first thing that your guests would come across, when you invite them to any kind of event. An impressive invitation would instantly create an enthusiasm in your guests, to look forward to the event; while an unattractive one would be a strict turn-off for them. Therefore, you need to make your invitation attractive not only by its looks, but also through the right use of words. This applies to all kinds of occasions, irrespective of their nature - whether formal or informal. In case you are a bit confused about how to write invitation, this article will help you a great deal. Go through the tips given in the following lines and get ready to impress your guests, by the most attractive and legible invitation!
Tips For Writing Invitations
Consider The Occasion
Before you start writing an invitation, consider the event or the occasion to which you want to invite people - whether it is a formal or an informal one. This will dictate whether you have to send handwritten invitation or a printed one. For instance, if it is a formal lunch/dinner, baby/bridal shower or wedding, you will have to send printed invitation cards. On the other hand, if it is an informal event, such as friends or family reunion, birthday, anniversary or a casual party, then you can send invitations handwritten on stationary or blank cards.
Wording Of Your Invitation
The nature of the occasion (formal or informal) will also dictate the wordings for your invitation. For example, you would want to maintain a level of formality, for a formal occasion. On the other hand, casual language is suitable for an informal event. You will formally invite somebody by writing, 'I request the pleasure of your company', whereas on a casual note, you may write, 'Please join us'. Make sure that you put across your thoughts in a legible manner. Be sure not to overuse ornamental words for formal and slang for informal occasions.
Important Details
No matter how attractive you make your invitation, by using flashy colors for the background and stylish fonts for the wordings, if you do include the necessary information in your invitation, it will go waste. The basic information required for all types of invitations are the date, time and venue of the event, along with the theme, if any. If you are inviting your guests to a new place, then you may include a route map for the venue as well. Do not forget to mention the purpose of the occasion, even you are hosting a simple get together.
Other Details
You would need a definite head count for the planned event - the number of guests planning to attend the event. For the purpose, you need to include your RSVP information, as to whom your guests should contact, in order to inform about their presence or absence from the event. So, do write RSVP, followed by your telephone number, in your invitation. In addition to this, include a respond-by date. This would help you adjust the amount of food and the size of the venue. You can also include a respond card with a self-addressed envelope inside the envelope, to make it easier for the people to respond to the invitation.

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