Throwing a party, send hand printed invitations by making prints using a potato and start stamping. Read out for further details.

Making Potato Print Party Invitations

Oprah Winfrey states that “My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with”. Whenever you think of potato you immediately think of food. The potato has influenced our culture in great ways, such as the potato chips and the French fries. Potato has played a role even in making phrases such as couch potato; it has also been used as a projectile in spud guns and potato cannons. It is a favorite party snack and a staple vegetable for many countries around the world. Throwing parties starts with getting people together and for that, you need invitations. This humble potato can make your party invitees go oohs and aahs over your invitations. Set the tempo for your celebration by sending out exclusive, handmade invitations with potato prints. Find out information on how to make party invitations with potato prints. 
Party Invitations With Potato Prints
Supplies Required
  • Paper
  • Potatoes
  • Knife
  • Watercolors or poster colors 
How To Make 
  • You can select from variety of papers like the card stock, brown wrapping paper, index cards, paper grocery bags or a construction paper.
  • Cut your paper into invitation sized pieces, like the 5.5 inches by 4.25 inches is a standarf size. Envelopes are easily available in this size.
  • Any variety of potato will be fine, but the potato should be large in size to make carvings easily. The simple the design, the better would be the carving.
  • Cut the potato in half and make an outline of your shape on the potato. You can select shapes like hearts, stars, balloons, leaves, and trees to practice with.
  • Use knife carefully to carve the outline. Remove the part of the potato which will not touch the paper. If you want a block effect, carve around the shape. If you want a cut out look, carve out the inside of the shape. Consider carving more than one stamp, this will save your time.
  • Dip the carved potato stamp in the paint and print it on the paper. Keep paper towels or napkins handy to blot the stamp, if the color leaks.
  • You can also give texture to the print by blotting with terrycloth, a sea sponge, plastic wrap or any number of other textures to create depth.
  • Now repeat the process with every card. It won’t be long before the invitations will be complete. And you will surely know that they have reached your guest when they would go gaga over the handmade designs.

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