Bird watching is a favorite pastime for many people, as it keeps them busy for a long time. In case you want to know how to watch birds, check out the useful tips given in this article.

How To Watch Birds

Bird watching is a leisure activity that is thoroughly enjoyed by people of all age groups. The pastime is perfect for all seasons, because you can easily find different varieties of birds at any given time. In case you are keen about exploring the birdlife around you, you may travel to some sanctuaries or parks, wherein you would get to see a wide variety of birds. If that is not possible, just look around your home - you never know, when an exotic bird peeps into your backyard. However, make sure that you stick to certain tips, while indulging in the activity. If you want to know more on how to watch birds, check out the lines given below.
Bird Watching Tips
Locate The Bird
The very first thing to do is to locate a bird in your area. Find the bird through your eyes first. After locating the bird, which you want to observe, find a suitable place where you can get a good view of the bird. The place should be such that it does not let you disturb the bird or let it feel your presence. This is important, because birds usually avoid human beings.
See Through Binoculars
Make use of your binoculars, to get a close view of the bird. Ensure that the pair of binoculars you are using gives you a clear picture of the bird in question. First, adjust the barrels of the binoculars, so that they fit into your eye spacing comfortably. Next, bring the binoculars to the perfect focus.
Observe The General Features
As a beginner, you need to take special care and attention in observing the minutest details of the bird. So, keep your eyes fixed on the bird and try to increase the time of view, because you never know when it would dash off. Observe the general characteristics of the bird, such as its size, shape and color.
Listen To The Bird
Listening ability proves to be a great tool for birdwatchers. Fix your ears on the bird and try to listen to its vocalizations. In case you are unaware of the fact, a bird's song is one of the best identification tools to figure out its species. In addition, you would easily identify the bird later, when you get to hear its 'song'.
Observe Its Salient Features
Bird watching involves observing the typical characteristic of a bird. Observe the silhouette of the bird. Take note of its movements - whether it walks slowly or hastily, whether it is steady or unsteady on land, etc. Study its flight patterns, the color of its legs, length of the tail and legs, facial markings, etc.
Record All The Observations
After you have observed the bird carefully, it is the time to record all your observations. Note down the habitat and climate of the place, where you have located the bird. Do not forget to take note of the date, location and time, at which you have watched the bird.
Collect The Details
The observations recorded by you, while watching the bird, would help you to explore details about the creature. Purchase a bird book or browse online, to know more about the bird that you have just watched. After doing a good amount of research, you would be able to know the species of the bird, its scientific name and the region to which it belongs.

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