Building a bird house turns out to be a great afternoon craft project for bird enthusiasts. Read this article to find steps on how to build a birdhouse.

How To Build A Bird House

The decrease in the habitat of birds has accentuated the popularity of birdhouses in yards enormously in the recent years. A birdhouse makes a nice outdoor decoration to a home, while attracting the pleasant wildlife around you. It can be a great asset for your garden, watching sweet and cute little birds fly and come back. By building birdhouses, you can provide these birds some habitat and also enliven up your surrounding completely. A birdhouse does not just provide food and shelter to the birds, but also protects them from their natural predators. Now, are you thinking of installing one in your garden? If yes, then do not rush to the store to get hold of one. Herein we have provided a step by step guide on how to build a birdhouse. Imagine how wonderful and satisfying would it be to shelter the colorful flying creatures in a birdhouse made by you!
Steps For Building A Birdhouse
Materials Required
  • 2-foot by 4-foot by ½-inch thick weather-resistant Plywood
  • 6 ½-inch by ¼-inch Dowel Rod
  • 6 ¾-inch Stainless Steel Screws
  • Sander
  • Wood Glue
  • Paint
  • Spray Polyurethane
  • Hammer
  • Electric Drill
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Paintbrush
  • Measuring Square
  • Tape Measure
  • Paper
  • Pencil
Plan the Birdhouse
First, plan out the structure of the birdhouse on a paper. Sketch out the following measurements.
  • 2 5-inch by 6½-inch (sides)
  • 6½-inch by 6¼-inch (floor)
  • 6½-inch by 9¼-inch (roof #1)
  • 6-inch by 9¼-inch (roof #2)
  • 2 6½-inch by 8 5/8-inch (front and back)
  • 2 5½-inch by ½-inch (floor attachment rails)
  • From both the front and back pieces, measure 5¼-inch up from the bottom and connect them to form a point.
Cut Out The Wood
Cut out each element from the paper carefully. Place each paper template on the top of the plywood and trace out using a pencil. Cut out each piece with a saw and sand away the rough edges. Drill a hole measuring 1½-inches in diameter in the center of the front piece at the place where the slant begins. Half inch below this hole, drill another ¼-inch hole.
Assemble The Birdhouse
Arrange the floor attachment rails to the inside of the front and back pieces. Now, glue and nail them up ensuring that they are evenly lined and centered. Place a side piece to the front piece of the board and glue it. Next nail it to fix properly. Similarly, attach the second side to the front piece. Now, add the back side to the sides. Attach the shorter roof piece (measuring 6 inches) to the bird house such that the edge lines up with the peaks. Add the second roof piece in the same way, allowing it to overlap the first roof panel. Attach the birdhouse to the floor and screw it into place. Put a drop of wood glue around the bottom portion of the dowel and insert it through the ¼-inch hole, such that it juts out from the front of the birdhouse acting as a perch.  
Be careful while painting birdhouse as certain birds are attracted to certain colors. Visit a local professional and enquire about the local bird population and what colors attract them. Paint the bird house and spray one or two layers of polyurethane to seal and protect the odor. Your birdhouse is ready to house the colorful flying creatures.

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