Building a snowman is a great family activity in winters, which everyone would enjoy and take pleasure in. Go through the article, to get handy tips on how to build a snowman.

How To Build A Snowman

A long stretch of white carpeted land, barren trees and extremely chilly ambience indicate just one thing - snowy winter is here!! Come December and the whole world seems to bask in the glory of the chilly season ahead. As soon as the first snowflakes drop on the ground, people just rush outdoors to have fun and frolic, and of course, enjoy building a jolly-looking snowman in their lawn. Making a snowman is a creative activity and also allows people to enjoy the unruffled beauty of nature on a lazy winter day. Be it kids, adults or elderly, everyone loves flaunting an adorably cute snowman in the lawn. If you are also looking forward to enjoying your winter evening the same way, but do not know how to build a snowman, this article is just right for you. In the following lines, we have provided tips for building a snowman.
Building A Snowman
Materials Required
  • Snow
  • Snowman Accessories
  • Sticks and Twigs
  • Camera
  • The first step, prior to making a snowman, would be to check for the type of snow. Ideally, the snow required for building a snowman should not be too wet. 'Packing snow' would be the perfect choice, as this kind of snow clumps easily.
  • Start by taking a handful of snow and shaping it in the form of a ball. Add more snow to it and continue shaping.
  • When the snow ball becomes too large to hold, place it on the ground and roll it in a direction opposite to you. As more and more snow accumulates, give it a proper round shape.
  • Roll the ball, until it achieves the size required for the bottom of the snowman body.
  • Repeat the entire process to make two more snow balls, for the midsection and the head. However, remember that the first ball should be the largest, followed by an average-size and a small-size ball.
  • While the heavy bottom would serve as the base of the snowman, the average sized would be the mid section of his body and the smaller snow ball would be the head.
  • At the time of conjoining all the three balls, pack some extra snow so as to make them stick together. In case your snowman is having trouble standing in an upright position, the best bet would be to place a stick down the center where the sections meet.
  • Once the body is done, it is time to make the facial features of the snowman. Using coal, rock or button, make the eyes. While a horizontal stick or twig would make a good mouth, a carrot would serve well as the pointed nose.
  • Attach a couple of twigs on the either side of the snowman. These would serve as the arms of your adorable snowman.
  • As for the hair, pick some old plants. While the hair is being done, don't forget to get your cutie a nice knit hat. However, keep in mind that a top hat blows away with the wind, unless it is properly secured.
  • Accessorize your snowman further by adding scarf, apron, bow tie, necktie or sunglasses. Your adorable and cute snowman is ready!! Immediately click a photo of your charming friend, as he won't last long.  

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