Brain building games help to keep your mind sharp and alert. Explore the article below to know games for building brains.

Brain Building Games

A healthy body results in a healthy mind. True but what happens when you build only your muscles and neglect your brain. Ask a hunk what two plus two equals and he will look at you as if you had asked him to donate his kidneys. He would, in all probability, be confused about the location of the kidneys. And the blondes? Genetics played such a cruel trick on them that having blonde hair is the sure shot way of being taken as dumb. So to build the brain requires proper exercises. And it is easy as you don’t need to join the gym. Regular solving of puzzles exercises the brain and keeps it stimulated. These are also very enjoyable and addictive. Regular brain games also keep the brain in top shape and sharp. Of course, brain games won’t make you start thinking like Einstein, but still you can prevent it from getting senile. So, if you want to do some brain building then read the pointers below to learn the various games through which you can build your brains. 
Brain Building Activities
Jigsaw Puzzles
Stimulate your brain by solving jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are a set of interlocking pieces that when joined together form a picture. It is especially good for kids to start on their brain-building regime. More advanced version of jigsaw puzzles includes optical illusions and spherical jigsaws.
Rubik’s Cube
This puzzle should come with a warning – stay away or get addicted. This 3D puzzle is so addictive that till date some 350 million Rubik’s cube has been sold making it the world’s best selling puzzle. The puzzle consists of a cube that is made up of 9 smaller cubes and each of the faces has the colors white, red, blue, orange, green and yellow. This cube can be twisted vertically and horizontally. The trick is to twist and turn until each of the face has one color each. Try it once if it sounds easy. There are a million ways of solving this puzzle.
This word game is another popular method to exercise and develop the brains. It consists of a grid with white and black squares. Clues are provided and the answer must be filled into the squares, which also depend on the number of squares. Crossword puzzles are solved either ‘across’ or ‘down, the grid. There are four varieties of crossword puzzles like the American type, the British type, the Japanese type, and Swedish type. However, the British type remains the most popular.
One of the more recent puzzle inventions, the suduko took the world by storm. Before the suduko bug bit, only people with a good word power can solve puzzles like crossword. Sudoku eliminated this by making the puzzle number based. Since anyone can count atleast till ten, it became an instant hit. This puzzle is very effective in developing your logical and analytical skills. It consists of a 9 X 9 grid filled with 3 X 3 sub grids. The objective is to fill each column, row and sub grids with the numbers from 0 to 9 without any repetition. And no this is not a Japanese puzzle but was invented by a Howard Garns, a retired architect from Indiana.
The kakuro is a puzzle that is considered as the mathematical version of the crossword. Like a crossword puzzle, kakuro also consists of black and white squares. It consists of a 16 X16 grid, in such a way, that the clues are the sum of a combination of number without any duplication.

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