Choosing a gift for a 6 month old takes great forethought and planning. Read on for some ideas.

Gift Ideas For A 6 Months Old

Once children reach the age of six months, they are willing to play with almost anything, most of the time. They will go around grabbing whatever they can lay their hands on, exploring tastes, textures, sights and sounds, and will be crawling all over the place. Choosing the right gift for a six month old is important since the right gift will be fun for the child as well as something that will not harm him/ her. Many people would also feel that choosing a gift that will have educational value for the child is something that will be even better. Therefore, if you are called upon to buy a gift either for your own child or for any other 6 month old, you might want to consider the following ideas that might help you make a good choice. Below are some good gift ideas for 6 month olds. 
Best Gift For 6 Months Old Children 
  • Car seat toy - safari mobiles are really great and are designed for the rear facing car seat. These are great to keep screaming babies quiet since they hook into the backseat and the child will be amused by the toys spinning above his/ her head. It might even help the child drift off to sleep during a long ride.
  • Play mirrors are great for children of this age since this is when they begin to get curious about their own faces and would like to stare at them. Attach a play mirror to your infant’s crib and get a little extra sleep as the kid keeps busy staring at his/ her face. If you choose one that plays music, you will find that the child will be kept busy for an even longer time.
  • Step and Play Pianos are a great choice for 6 month olds since this is guaranteed to keep children busy even if they have very short attention spans. There is a mobile seat that allows the child to walk, and there is a piano attached with many songs pre-loaded. Microphone rattles, piano, as well as the drum sound maker will definitely excite any 6-month-old child.
  • A bumbo seat is quite a new entry into the world of kids’ toys, but is has won countless awards and is a really great gift to give a 6 month old child. While the child may not always appreciate the gift, the parents definitely will. By the time the child has reached the age of 6 months, it would want to be in an upright position. A bumbo seat will help the little one to sit unsupported on colorful seats made of foam, without straps.
  • Another good choice of gifts for 6-month-old children is baby videos. These range from musical scenes to funny plays and nursery rhymes. They are a great learning aid for the child as well.
  • Activity games are a great way to keep children busy as well as to help them learn. These range from building blocks to puzzles to colorful mats that they would need to match.

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