Wedding games are essentially the liveliest part of any wedding in India. In this article, check out the traditional wedding games practiced in the Indian Hindu wedding.

Indian Wedding Games

The very thought of wedding brings to mind various fears, doubts, qualms added to the veiled delight. It is because wedding is the beginning of new life with new people, where one has to do adjustments and understand responsibilities. In India, during the former years, the bride and groom were not permitted to meet before their marriage. Perhaps, the Indian wedding games that have got evolved through ages, made the perfect starter for the newly weds and their families to know each other.
Though the times have changed and couples can meet prior to their nuptials, the conventional games are practiced even today in nearly every Indian wedding ceremony. These traditional wedding games not only facilitate to break the ice between the couples, but also between their family members. It also makes it easier to get settled down in the family and surroundings. Here are some usual games that are practiced in Indian Hindu Weddings.
Types of Wedding Games
Some common wedding games are Hiding the shoes, Pillow talk, Fishing the Ring and Unknot knotted string.
Hiding the Shoes
In every Hindu wedding, the groom is directed to remove his shoes prior to entering the mandap, where holy rituals are performed. The bride’s sister or the maids accompanying her, on finding suitable moment, grab the groom’s shoes and hide them. After the marriage ceremony, groom’s sister-in-law or maids demand a ransom amount from the groom to return the shoes. In this sweet prank, bargaining and negotiations happen between them and the deal is finalized at a handsome amount.
Pillow Talk
Regarding this game, the recently married couple is made to sit back to back. A pillow is held between them by a third person and then, both bride and groom are asked questions about each other. The answers to these questions are replied, not by speaking but by nodding the head. Providing ample of fun and laughter to everyone around, Pillow Talk checks the compatibility between the couple.
Fishing the Ring
In this, the couple is made to sit facing each other and with a bowl of milk in front of them. A ring is dropped in the bowl and the newly weds are asked to find the ring. Whoever gets the ring first is declared as the winner. As per the beliefs, the winner of the game rules the roost for the entire life.
Unknot Knotted String
This game had been practiced to forecast the future relationship of the couple. Knotted string is a kind of bracelet tied on the hands of, both the bride and the groom. In this too, fun and frolic becomes part of the sight. The couple tries to unknot the complex knots of the string by using one hand.

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