Games can convert a boring bus trip into an interesting one. Go through the article and check out information on the fun games to play on a bus trip.

Games For Bus Rides

Games can add the element of fun to the long and boring bus trips. Apart from keeping your engaged, these games will let you enjoy the duration of the journey and keep tiredness at bay. There is a wide variety of puzzles, enacting games and memory games to choose from, when it comes to passing the time on bus rides. If you are looking for some nice games to play on such occasion, read the article. Go through the following lines and get some ideas about the fun games to play during bus rides.
Fun Games To Play On A Bus Trip 
  • Dumb Charades: A fun way to pass the time during a long bus trip is to play dumb charades with your co-passengers. Write the names of movies in paper strips and put in a hat. After shuffling well, ask a person to take a paper from the hat and enact the name of the movie written on it. Go on doing this till all the participants have enacted at least once.
  • Memory Game: Sharpen your memory by playing a game, which needs something to be memorized. To begin with, announce the name of a person. The next player shall say another name, beginning with the letter which your name ended. This way, you can make a long chain of names.
  • Atlas: Take an atlas book with you, while traveling in the bus. Pick the political map of a country or a state at random. Locate a place in the map, which would be difficult for others to spot quickly. Set a time limit, within which the players have to tell the exact location of the place in question.
  • Book Cricket: A fast and easy way to play cricket is using book! Yes, you can pass the time during the bus trip, by playing book cricket. Get a dictionary or a thick book. The players have to open the book at random. When they open a page, they should add the page number to their score.
  • Trump Cards: What can be more exciting than playing trump cards on a bus ride! Supply yourself with the cards having the latest details of wrestlers written on them. You may include five to six players in the game and have loads of fun playing with the cards!

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