Are your kids confined to the four walls of your home, and have you run out of ideas on how to keep them engaged? If yes, here are some tips on indoor games to play with your kids.

Indoor Games For Preschoolers

Let’s assume it’s a cold winter evening or a rainy day and you and your kid are stuck at home. Both of you are pretty bored and your little one is getting restless. Your hyper active preschooler just doesn’t want to sit idle because kids are usually full of energy and they are always engaged in some activities or the other. He wants to go out and play, but the weather is forbidding. What do you do in this situation? Perhaps indoor games can be an exciting idea to kill time and at the same time it can be a learning experience for your kid. Starting with a simple hide and seek game to interesting memory games and sorting games, you can also create your own indoor games. If you are hunting for ideas to do at home with your kids, then here are some interesting game ideas for you to try. Read on to learn more.

Indoor Games To Play With Kids

You for sure must have played this game when you were a kid. Then why not engage your child with one? All you have to do is to tie a cloth or scarf around the eyes of your kid and ask him or her to catch others by hearing sounds. Kids love this game and all of you at home can take part in this indoor game. However, see to it that you do not have objects that can cause injury to your kid in his or her way while playing this game.

Memory Game
This is fun game idea, and it helps you to test your kid’s memory. You can draw pictures of different objects on small pieces of cardboard and ask your kid to observe them carefully. Then turn it down and ask your kid to recall what he or she saw. 

Scavenger Hunt
This is a popular indoor game for kids, and is educational as well. Hide toys or books and give your child clues to find it for you. You can even describe the hidden item to give cues to your kid.

Fun With Paper
Keep your kid occupied with some wonderful paper crafts. This is not only rewarding, but will also help your kid to develop a fascination for the same. Indulge your little ones to get a little messy! It’s fun.

Sort By Size/Color
This is another fun activity for your kids. Take plastic containers of different sizes and ask your kid to arrange them according to the size, bigger to smaller or smaller to bigger. You can play similar games with colors. For this you have to take different objects and make four red, green, blue, and yellow bags. Now ask your kids to put the objects in their respective bags (by matching colors) the mismatched objects can be left. This fun activity helps your kid to develop the sense of colors.

Hide and Seek
This a one of the most popular games among kids of all ages. Your kids learn to use new searching strategies when searching for you and learn how to hide quietly so that you don’t find him out.

Board Games
Who doesn’t love to play board games? Candyland, chutes and ladders and hi-ho cherry-o are some of the classic board games that are favorite among kids. You can also try some interactive games or help your kid to decorate his/her playhouse.

Card Tower
Become a child with your kid once more. Try to build the longest card tower. It will help to develop patience in your kid.

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