Looking for fun indoor games for your kids? Check out these indoor game options for kids and let your children have all the fun even when not out in the sun.

Indoor Games For Kids

A blazing summer noon, sudden cloudbursts or even a long holiday can turn your shack into a lazy coop for your bored little ones and turn them into couch potatoes. However, with a little creativity, oodles of imagination and gobs of fun ideas, you can easily beat the boredom out of your kids and turn your lazy tots into frenzied bundles of joy. You do not really need to go out in the sun to have all the fun. Just an idea and tons of excitement can shoo away the ennui and turn a long noon into a day of fun, fervor and great anticipation for your child. Bond with your kids over an interesting game of monopoly and scrabble or pump in some fun with exciting paper and pencil games for a great fun session. Whether you are looking for ways to get your kids off the PSP (PlayStation Portable) or just want him to switch off the blaring TV screen, a great indoor fun session can get your kid/s dump the couch and go high on energy and excitement. So why settle for tedium when you can still have a great time indoors? Check out the following exciting indoor game options and have all the indoor fun you want with your kids.
Indoor Children Games
Board Games
Stuck in a long summer day with nothing much to do? Shoo away the ennui with exciting board games and have a perfect time bonding with your friends and family. You can try your luck in an exciting game of monopoly, test your wits in an electrifying game of chess, quiz your vocabulary with an arousing game of scrabble or simply have fun with ‘pictionary’ or ‘picture lotto’. These board games are sure to get your kids hooked for long!
Memory Game And Word Puzzles
Looking for ways to beat the boredom blues? Try memory games, fun puzzles and exciting teasers to get the energy bubbling. Memory games and word puzzles are real brain boosters and make for a fun sport. Bird song, shapes and colors, around the world in 80 trips etc. are some of the most loved memory games of kids. Brainbasher delights like jigsaws, mazes, mind riddles, crossword puzzles, optical illusions are exciting brain teasers that can be enjoyable as well as educational.
Hide And Seek
Bored of board and card games and wish to have some real excitement! Think of the eternal favorite games like hide and seek, dark room and Chinese whispers. These highly entertaining games are pure fun and can tot up as amusing fun sports on an especially boring day.
Paper And Pencil Games
These games require nothing more than a sheet of blank paper and a pencil and is the perfect source of recreation on dark evenings or rainy days. These games can be played anywhere, anytime and are real brain spinners. You can try hangman, tic-tac-toe, dots and squares or even simple drawings to keep your hyper tots involved.
Story Time
To keep your overly imaginative kid involved, try this! Storytelling is huge entertaining and can get your busy-for-nothing kids glued to the orator for long. For this, all you need to do is invite a couple of your kid’s friends and arrange a bit of props like pillows, belts, flowers, plates etc. Distribute the props among each child and ask them to come up with their own stories on the prop ups. The child that comes with the most creative story goes home with a prize.

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