Games that use water for playing are best for kids on a hot summer afternoon. To cool off the little ones, check out water games for children, as listed here.

Kids’ Water Games

Summer vacations are something that children as well as parents look forward to. However, much as they are loved, they also involve a mother’s biggest dread - having to hear from her child “Mommy, I am bored…” This is something no mother prepares herself for, though she knows that it’s coming. It is, after all, a daunting task to keep a child interested in anything for very long, especially on a hot summer afternoon. It may not really serve as a consolation to know that you are not the only mother dealing with this, but you should know that there are ways to keep the children busy and out of your way - by making them play games. You may say, games? On a hot sunny afternoon? Relax; we are talking about water games, which are ideal to cool off your little bundles of energy on a hot summer afternoon. Here are some suggestions for water games that kids can play during summer vacations.
Water Games For Children
Here are some water games that your children can play on a hot summer afternoon:
Water Artist
Using water as the only ingredient, the child can be asked to paint whatever he or she likes. Give him/ her a soft brush and a mug of water and ask him to paint wherever and whatever he or she likes. Don’t worry about stains, as the only ingredient here is water and nothing will be spoilt or harmed with it.
Treasure Hunt
Hide a small item in a kiddies’ pool of water and ask your child to look for it, with his/ her eyes blindfolded. As he/she looks for it, move the water around, so that your child cannot find it so easily.
Splash Tag
Give the kids a wet sponge, like the one used to wash cars, or a soft loofah. Pick the ‘It’ and let him run around to tag the other children, by catching and pouring water from the wet sponge over him or her. The first person to get tagged has to be the next ‘It’. Remember to keep a bucket of water handy for them, to wet their sponge from time to time.
Fill a child's wading pool with water and lots of ice cubes and a plastic bowl or bucket for each participant to gather ice cubes in. Now, this could be all too easy, so to make it more challenging by having the kids pick up the ice cubes with their feet - the big toe and the toe next to it. Whoever has the most ice cubes is the winner. Or, you can just play this game for fun, without winners!
Water Balloon Toss
For this game, you will need water balloons filled with water. Ask all the kids to make pairs. Each pair stands face to face, with one of the pairs holding a water balloon. They toss it to each other and then take one-step back. Each time it is tossed, they take one-step back. The pair that has their water balloon intact the longest wins.
Mommy Polo
This game will require a large group of friends, their mommies (or daddies) and a large children’s pool, filled with water. Kids and moms get into the pool, and each mom closes her eyes. All the moms count to 10 in unison, while the kids spread out in the water (shallow end only, unless the kids are all strong swimmers), with siblings grouped together. Moms search for their own children by listening to their voices. Kids call out "Mommy!" and the moms must respond "Polo!" The first mom to touch her bunch of kids wins.

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