Organizing swimming pool games for kids and watching them play can be quite entertaining Read on to learn interesting pool games for children to enjoy, along with swimming.

Swimming Pool Games For Kids

Come summers and children love to hit the pool to beat down the excruciating heat. Swimming is not only a good activity for maintaining the health, but can also be a fun filled activity. However, ‘just’ swimming in the pool might become boring and monotonous for your children, after a point of time. It is, then, that water games and activities come to play a significant role. Interesting and innovative, playing games in the pool is a good way to let children enjoy in the scorching temperatures, without feeling the pang of the rising mercury levels. These games can make swimming pools a whole lot of fun. A piece of advice which parents should follow, while conducting these games, is that they should take proper care of the safety of the children. The best bet would be to ascertain some rules and ask the little ones to strictly follow the rules. There are many interesting games that the kids can enjoy to the fullest in a swimming pool under the supervision of an adult. Read on to find a few of them.
Swimming Pool Games For Children
Marco Polo
Marco Polo is kind of a ‘hide and seek’ game inside water. It is an interesting and popular game that can be played in a swimming pool. This game can be played with a minimum of two players, though multiple players are always the best bet. In this game, one player is blindfolded. The player waits till a certain count is over. By then, the other players scatter in the pool. Once the count gets over, the blindfolded player needs to swim across the pool and track other players, by their voice. In order to guess their location the blindfolded player shouts “Marco”, to which all the other players reply by shouting “Polo”. The game continues till the blindfolded player is able to locate all the other players. The one he locates first is blindfolded the next time.
Find The Bottle
Bottle is a simple yet gratifying game, which can pull in even the most bored and jaded of child back into the pool. What is required is a two litre bottle filled with pool water with its cap similar to the color of the pool floor. Any kind of wrapper or sticker should be removed from the bottle. The players need to be divided into 2 teams. Both the teams should stand at different ends of the pool facing opposite to the pool. A person standing outside the pool should throw the bottle into the pool. With the splash noise the players need to start searching for the bottle and the team that first retrieves the bottle, wins the game. It might sound quite simple, but it is actually challenging and difficult, as the bottle is camouflaged with the pool.
Colors Contest
It is a very simple game involving concentration, good hearing power and speed. One person out of the players can volunteer to be a ‘catcher’. The catcher swims across to one side of the pool and stands with his/her back turned towards the rest of the players. The other players need to choose a color in the meantime. After sometime, the catcher will confirm with other players if they have selected their color or not. The catcher calls out a color with his back still towards other players. The player with the color called out need to slowly and quietly swim across the pool to the other side. If the catcher hears anyone swimming, he/she can turn around and tag that swimmer before he/she swims across to the end.
London Bridge Is Falling Down
This is a very simple and cute game in which the players need to walk below the continuously falling bridge. Two players need to stand in the pool holding each other’s hand high above their shoulder. The other players are required to walk below the bridge one by one. Every time a player passes under the bridge, the bridge is lowered making the players at the end to literally swim under the water to cross the bridge.

Donut Float Race
The game can be played by two or more players, but requires a long swimming pool to play in. In this game, the players need to sit on a donut float. At the sound of a whistle, the players have to start swimming to reach the other end of the pool. One who reaches the other end first is the winner. The longer the pool, the more challenging and interesting the game would get. Playing the latest music at the background would be an icing on the cake. So, just make a splash and enjoy the cool water with kids!

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