Are you looking for delicious dishes out of your big flat fish? If yes, then this article would come in handy. Here are few simple ways on how to cook halibut perfectly.

How To Cook Halibut

Halibut is the member of flatfish species of fish. A versatile variety of seafood, it is the biggest flatfish available and enjoyed by sea food lovers. The halibut is a member of the right eye flounder’s family, as both their eyes are on the right hand side of the head. The specie can be located in the cold waters of both the Northern Atlantic and Northern Pacific ocean. Gulf of Alaska has the largest concentration of Pacific halibut, while the Atlantic halibuts can be found far south in Virginia and all the way north in the waters of Norway. Halibuts are large in size and therefore sometimes are known as ‘barn doors’ or ‘whales’ in the fishing community. Smaller halibuts are known as ‘chickens’. Halibut is a popular sea food and there are many ways in which you can prepare or cook your halibut. Here are few simple tips on how to cook halibut.
Ways To Cook Halibut
In warm weather conditions or during comfortable summer months, grilled halibut is the best struck deal. For grilling halibut fillets, it is advisable to use a specially-designed fish basket or grill basket. In case you are grilling in a basket, use oil for the purpose, as the fish generally tends to stick to the surface because of low oil content in it. Make use of a mild marinade to enhance the flavor of your grilled fish. Normally, it takes around 6-10 minutes to grill halibut over a medium steam.
Halibut can also be enjoyed by broiling it. Broil the fish for about 3-4 inches, continuously brushing it with butter, oil or marinade to prevent it from drying. In about 10-15 minutes you will get a nice crispy outer layer. The smaller the sizes of the fish, the faster will the dish get prepared. Another method would be to take an inch long fish, wrap it in bacon and broil it to make a delicious appetizer.
Coat your fish with olive oil and put it on a medium hot grill. Cook for some time and then dab with butter and squeeze lemon on both sides of the fish. In about eight to ten minutes, your delicious appetizer will be ready to serve.
The California halibuts are best to be steamed, because they are more like a true sole or a flounder. Steaming California halibut will give you a delicate chunkier outcome than any other halibut.
Baking your halibut is another way to cook and serve halibuts. However just like grilling, baking halibuts can result in their drying out. So, it is best advised to brush the halibut with butter and a mild marinade. If you are using oven to bake your halibut, then set the temperature to 325-3500 F and bake it for 20 minutes.
Deep Frying
Chunks of halibut can also be deep fried in a specially designed fryer. Deep fry the pieces of halibut in hot oil, after dipping it into your favorite batter mixture. Make sure that you cook few pieces at a time; otherwise the temperature of the oil would come down, resulting in poor frying. Fry until the pieces of halibut turns deep brown in color and gets crispy. Drain the pieces on a paper towel and serve with dipping sauces like honey mustard, sweet and sour etc.
Pan Frying
A halibut tastes really good when breaded and fried well. For the purpose, you need to first heat up a frying pan with either oil, butter or solid shortening. Cut your halibut into small serving pieces and dip the pieces in egg, milk and coat it with flour. Put it for frying until crispy. Drain the excess oil and serve the delicious appetizer with sauce.

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