Bamboo wedding favors are truly an extraordinary and memorable present that your guests are sure to treasure for lifetime. Read on the article to know how to make bamboo wedding favors.

Bamboo Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They not only add to the décor and theme of the wedding, but also make way as a special keepsake favor for the guests to take back home after the wedding party. Right from simple bookmarks to elegant crystal or silver pieces, the range of option available for wedding favors are plenty. Lately, bamboo favors have gained immense popularity, as they are exclusive, fresh, special and lucky. Bamboo is not just stylish to look at, but offers more than its appearance. It is a perfect wedding favor to be given at anytime of the year, be it summer or fall. You can opt from bamboo plants, carved bamboo shoots and crafts, bookmarks, photo frames and wedding favor boxes made from dried up bamboo timber. All you need to do is roll up your sleeves, invest some of your creativity and create favors that will become memorable and precious. Read the lines below to find out how to make bamboo wedding favors.
How To Make Bamboo Wedding Favors 
  • While buying vases for your bamboo wedding favors, select those that are at least 2 inches larger than the actual diameter of bunch of the plant stems.
  • After buying the bamboo stems, place them in a large vase, as that is easier for you to water and clean them. While buying the bamboo plants, ensure that they smell fresh.
  • Often people get confused while buying the number of bamboo stalks to be included in the vase. The number of bamboo stalks conveys different meanings. These are; 1 stalk - good fortune, 2 stalks - love, 3 stalks - happiness, wealth and longevity, 5 stalks - wealth or fortune, 6 stalks - prosperity, 7 stalks - good health, 8 stalks - growth or wealth, 9 stalks - good fortune and 21 stalks - blessings.
  • While giving bamboo stalks as wedding favors, it is ideal to use 3 bamboo stalks and attaching a tag to the vase with meaning engraved on it.
  • Buy the 3 stems in different sizes. For example, you can select 4”, 6” and 8” stems. This would render a dramatic look to your vase.
  • Tie the bamboo stalks, using twist ties or ribbons.
  • Place the tied bamboo stalks into the vase and fill it with rocks. Ensure that you rinse the rocks, before adding them to the vase, lest dirt plays a spoil sport.
  • Add bottled, filtered or soft tap water to the vase, along with very little fluoride.
  • Write some cute thank you messages on the customized favor tags for your guests.
  • Tie the favor tags to one of the stalks. 
  • Make sure that the vases do not have any drainage holes.
  • Place the prepared bamboo stalks at a location with direct sunlight.
  • Keep a check on the water frequently and add as and when required.

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