When planning an event, everything needs to be just the right way. Here’s a checklist that you could use to make any event work.

Event Planning Checklist

The reason why event planners have become such a rage is because common men and women like us find it very difficult to get things done just at the right time. Since a professional will be paid for the job that is being done, they attach no feelings to it and will get it done in just the way we want it done. Planning is an essential part of any successful event but since it is often the most neglected part of any event, people are seen running helter-skelter during the last minute. But instead of hiring professionals, most of whom will charge exorbitantly for any event, if we take time out to plan, we will have fewer troubles later. Here are some tips to remember about planning events of any kind.
Checklist For Planning An Event
Children’s Events 
When planning an event for children, say a birthday or a school function, here’s what you must keep in mind:
  • If it is a school function where parents are invited, you must make sure each one of them is invited.
  • If it involves the use of costumes in any way, check each of the costumes to make sure that not only there are enough costumes for every performer, but also that they are not torn or damaged in any way.
  • If food is being served, check how many items there are and if anything needs to be supplied, so that you can send someone for errands well in time. Check if the cutlery is adequate and clean. There may be more people than we think at times, so make sure there are more than enough forks and spoon for all.
  • If it is a theme birthday, which you are arranging for your child, decide on the theme and make sure to mention in the invites and give suggestions too.
  • When it comes to children, you can be very sure that they have the potential in them to make or break your show or performance, just by being themselves! Make sure you do not have extremely shy children, who may get scared at the very last minute, seeing a large crowd. Also, make sure each one of them who needs to, has made a trip to the bathroom much before the show starts. Announce it loud for all students to finish all “businesses” much before the programme starts so that you do not have problems later, when the show has started! 
Planning business meets and events is not easy either, even if you do not have “I-want-my-mommy” troubles. Here’s what you must remember about business meets:
  • When it comes to business, since a small mistake could cost you a potential business deal, you must try to keep people in good spirits. Instead of just sending them invites by mail or electronically, make sure to call at least the really important ones so as to intimate them about the details.
  • Do a thorough research on the agenda of the meeting and be very clear about what will be discussed and what course the talks will lead.
  • If the meet also includes a slide show or presentation of some sort, make sure it is in working condition and will not give out at the wrong time. Also, make sure you have your slides ready on your laptop – rid them of any extra information or spelling or punctuation errors – as these will not be forgiven by the higher ups. Paying attention to little details that many would normally overlook will earn a few brownie points with the people in power! 
Family Events 
Family members can be very tricky people. Either they will fly down from South America to help you with even a small event or make a humongous hue and cry about not being offered coffee. Just to be sure, you will have to plan with the supposition that they all belong to the latter group, though still hoping that some belong to the former. There is a good number of even the former, so take their help when planning. Here’s what you must do:
  • Since you have planned to make it big enough, to print invites, write a short letter (yes!) to a few family members that you have not met or talked to in a while. Writing letters has its own charm, and makes people wanted; make sure to write few lines to the oldest members who belong to this group. They could be your mother’s cousins or even the college teacher who you consider your mentor and would like to be present at the event.
  • Food is another important concern that could end up making or breaking an event. Make sure there is enough of everything that could be in demand. Or else, you are sure to have a relative sulking “There was no sweet left for me” sometimes inspite of having had three helpings of the Rasmalai.
  • If the event requires a priest, say a naming ceremony, the sacred thread ceremony, or so on, you better arrange for a taxi for the priest from his/her residence. Make sure the cab driver belongs to a reputed transport company and is given a mobile phone – take down the number just in case he/she does not reach on time at the stipulated place.

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