Given here is a time tested and true recipe for pancake. Read the article to know how to make pancakes from scratch.

How To Make Pancakes From Scratch

There is a proverb that says, “He who goes to bed hungry dreams of pancakes”.  The magic of pancakes suggest you that there are secret recipes and when you find one, you should cling on to it and then pass it on to the next generation. People call pancakes by different names, such as hotcake, girdle cake, Johnny cake or flapjack cake. Whatever be the name, they are amongst the first foods that budding young chefs learn to cook. The advantage is that you can modify them to you tastes and dietary requirements and have them ready in your storage. Pancakes also have a day devoted to them, which is celebrated on the day that falls before Ash Wednesday and is called a Shrove Tuesday. It is the day on which people shrived, in order to prepare for fasting that occurred during Lent. The tradition was that it meant eating up all the things in the storage that were not allowed to be eaten on the Lent. One of the popular items made was pancakes and that is how it came to be known as Pancake Day. Just as a lot of people believe that the Church ought to be as it was when they were kids, they think that pancakes ought to be the same when they were little children. The recipe is simple and is prepared is a matter of minutes. Milk is most often used in it and the secret of making yummy pancakes is separating the egg whites, beating them and then mixing into the pancake batter. Scroll down to read the procedure on how to make pancakes from scratch.
Easy Pancake Recipe From Scratch  
Making pancakes is easy and you can make your own breakfast treat without buying a mix. Here are simple steps to make a pancake from scratch.
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 cups Flour
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Milk (depending on desired thickness)
  • Butter or cooking oil
  • Water  
  • Heat some cooking oil in a frying pan. You can also use butter, instead.
  • Mix flour, egg, milk and sugar together in a large mixing bowl. Stir them, until all the ingredients are blended well.
  • Slowly add water, till you get a flowing consistency. It should not be too thin. The thicker the batter, the thicker will be the pancakes. Mix the batter thoroughly, until there are no lumps.
  • Heat the frying pan, before adding butter and pancake mix.
  • If you are using butter, add a teaspoon into the hot frying pan. Let the butter turn brown, now slowly pour the batter into frying pan, to form a pancake. If you are using oil, slowly pour the batter into the pan with hot oil.
  • Let the pancakes fry for 2-4 minutes. Once they begin to dry and bubble on the top, separate them at the edges with a spatula and turn them over. Allow the other side to cook for 2-3 minutes.
  • Once both the sides of pancakes are brown, remove from the heat and add butter.
  • Serve it with sugar syrup or honey syrup.   


  • You can use different flavors to make a variety of pancakes. Modify them easily by adding chocolate chips, cinnamon, blueberry or any flavor that you choose to eat. Simply mix the desired flavor into a large bowl, along with other ingredients and make modified, flavored pancakes.

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