Mayan hammocks have been popular among consumers for years, due to the uniqueness of their design. Explore the article to know what Mayan hammocks are and also explore with some facts.

What Are Mayan Hammocks

A Mayan hammock is one of the oldest types of hammocks in the world. The hammock is said to have originated more than 1000 years back. It is made from a mesh of very thin fibers, thus giving the softest hammock-type in the world. A Mayan hammock hangs lower than the other types. It is laid in diagonally and has ornate tassels hanging from the edges of the bed. It is usually attached to trees or posts and very rarely to a hammock stand. Mayan hammocks are the most sought after hammocks, as they are believed to be the most comfortable ones in the world and can be found almost everywhere. These hammocks have certain other features as well that set them apart from the traditional ones. Read through the following lines to know some more facts on Mayan hammocks.
Facts About Mayan Hammocks
  • Mayan hammocks are made using extremely durable material that allows you to relax and swing away your anxiety.
  • These hammocks are comfortable and convenient. Adding accessories like hanging kits, pillows and blankets to the hammocks will enhance the overall décor.
  • Since they are made from specialized fabric, Mayan hammocks can be placed in the verandah, garden, between two strong trees on the beach or simply outside the house.
  • The uniqueness of these hammocks is that no two hammocks are alike, as each on of them is handmade.
  • All types of Mayan hammocks are hand-woven by the natives in Yucatan and Quintana Roo in Mexico City, by the women.
  • These hammocks are available in varied sizes. For instance, there are family size hammocks measuring 54 by 84 inches as well as single size hammocks measuring 45 by 76 to 86 inches.
  • Mayan hammocks should be placed at waist length or at a lower level, to allow easy entry and exit. The hammock ropes should sag slightly, to allow the body to sink down gently.
  • While buying Mayan hammocks, do make sure to select the ones that do not have spreader bars, as they make hammocks less stable and vulnerable to people tipping over.
  • Mayan hammocks are very lightweight and can be stored almost anywhere. However, while storing these hammocks, try to avoid damp places, as they can rot from the dampness.
  • Today, these hammocks are manufactured by a wide range of companies all across the world, since their market as well as demand has grown substantially. Companies such as Hatteras or Pawley’s Island are world-famous for such products.
  • Take proper care of the hammock accessories, to increase their life. Do not leave pillows and blankets on hammocks, garden chairs and garden benches when they are not in use. Store them properly.

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