Kids love to be taught how to make crafts out of things as common as wooden spoons. Here’s how to make wooden spoon puppets.

How To Make A Wooden Spoon Puppet

Crafts are the best way to spend time, without spending too much money. Most crafts demand very little in terms of materials and beautiful crafts can be created out of just about anything – many a times from stuff lying around the house. The easiest example one can give is of puppets made with wooden spoons. Compared to plastic spoons, disposable wooden spoons are easier to draw on with felt tip pens and such kinds of crafts are almost always loved by children. Also, if one is imaginative, one can use these puppets to tell stories or to teach a lot of stuff to children that they may never learn from lectures. Also, wooden spoon puppets are really easy to make. Here’s how to make wooden spoon puppets in four simple steps.
Wooden Spoon Puppet
The first thing that needs to be taken care of is the face of the puppet that you plan to make. Draw the face you want on the inner side of the spoon using felt tip pens – it could be a happy face, an angry face, a smug face, a sad face, or a blushing face. Or, if you are good with drawing and quite creative too, you could draw a different face expression on each of the two sides of the spoons – like a smiling face on the inner side and an angry face on the outer surface. Or you could draw the face of a baby on one side and the face of a wrinkled old lady on the other. You could also draw your favourite animals since they also make for excellent subjects – for instance, tigers, elephants, parrots, cats, dogs, rabbits, and other furry animals. All you need to do is play with your imagination.
Pipe Cleaners 
Fold a pipe cleaner into two to make one doubly thick pipe cleaner. Place this at the centre, around the handle of the spoon and twist its ends together. Now, when you spread them open they will reveal the two arms of your puppet. Similarly make the legs of the puppet too
Now is the time to dress your puppets the way you like them. If it is a baby that you had drawn, you will just need to cut out a large piece of white cloth and draw a huge diaper pin over it. For this, you could use either a felt tip pen or fabric colours. If it is a woman you could dress her up in a sari, a salwar kameez, a skirt and blouse and so on. If it is a man that you have drawn, cut out the shape of pants and a shirt to use on it. Make sure you show the profession that the man is following – overalls for a construction worker, a long white coat with pockets for a doctor, a formal suit for a businessperson, a long black coat for a lawyer and so on. if it is animal that you are drawing, you will have to use felt of different colours and designs or you could draw or paint patterns on fabric – for instance, you may find a piece of felt that is yellow in colour and on which you could draw stripes like the skin of a tiger.
After you have made and attached clothes to your puppets, you could add other embellishments like pieces of wool for hair, a small ribbon tied to the hair and so on. You could also string a few beads together and make a necklace or bracelet for the female characters. Get creative and make use of feathers, beads, glitter pens and so on to make your puppet look good.

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