Pressed Flower Candle makes an attractive gift! Learn how to make a pressed flower candle in this article.

How To Make Pressed Flower Candles

Crocus, daffodils, and wild violets are some of the earliest signs of spring season, which crop up in our garden! Equally mesmerizing are the leaves, which we find adorning the path on our long autumn walks. It will be a great idea to preserve these natural treasures for lifelong. Ever thought of preserving flowers with candles and adding beauty to your home décor? Pressed Flower Candles are perfect way to add beauty to your home interiors. Adorned with wild violets, pansies and buttercups, pressed flower candles are popular centerpieces for dining table or for the mantle over the fireplace. Making pressed flower candles at home is an easy and fun task! Choose white or cream colored candles and adorn it with ferns or other leaf works. These beautiful homemade pressed flower candles can be a perfect gift for any occasion from birthday to Christmas. Handout these pretty candles as wedding favors to wedding guests. So, why not cherish those beautiful candles for lifetime and decorate your home without spending large amount of money! Here are steps to help you make pressed flower candles at home. 
Homemade Pressed Flower Candles 
What You Need 
  • 1 Large candle (any color of your choice)
  • Pressed small flowers and leaves
  • White candle (to be melted down)
  • Heat proof bowl , which fits over a small saucepan
  • White paper
  • Hair dryer
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil 
How To Make 
  • Lay the white paper on a flat and smooth surface. Take the candle to be decorated and place it in a lying down position on the paper. With a pencil, put one mark at the top of the candle and another one at the bottom on the paper.
  • Next, wrap the paper around the candle to measure its circumference. Cut the paper to the exact size of the candle. You will get a rectangular sheet of paper, which will wrap around the candle once (don’t overlap the paper).
  • Select the flowers, leaves that you would like to use to decorate your candles. You need to ‘press’ flowers and leaves. The best method to press fresh flowers is to pick them early in the morning. Place them under a heavy book or use a flower press. Leave it until next morning. Remember flowers don’t need to be dried, just flat.
  • On the paper, arrange pressed leaves and flowers in a design, which you will like to decorate your candle with.
  • Next, heat a section of the candle with a hair dryer and soften the wax. Now, gently press leaf and flower onto the candle. 
  •  To make sure that flower and leaves are firmly attached, roll the candle on another piece of paper.
  • Next, break a white candle into small pieces and place it on a heatproof dish. Place the heatproof dish over a saucepan filled with simmering water (making it into a double boiler).
  • Dip the paintbrush into melted wax. Brush the decorated candle to form a wax coating over the pattern. 
  • Leave the candle to dry for at least ten minutes. The candle shouldn’t be touched until perfectly dry, else you risk getting finger prints on it.
  • Pressed flower candle is ready to add beauty to your home décor.

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