You can make elegant tea cup candles in your home without any big effort. Explore the article to know how to make teacup candles.

Making Tea Cup Candles

Making Tea Cup Candles - How To Make Tea Cup Candles
You can make elegant teacup candles in your home without any big effort. Explore the article to know how to make teacup candles.
Making Tea Cup Candles
Candles kill the darkness and light up your interiors when they are lit and when they are not lit, they can acts as simple and special gifts. Candles are considered as gifts for every great celebration such as Valentine’s Day. Teacup candles are simply the best option for any occasion because their vintage style can add instant elegance to any room. These candles have extreme charm and can fit at home on the dining or kitchen table. You don’t have to scour the souk to get beautiful tea cup candles because it is not a difficult job to make them in your home with the ingredients laying around your house. Yes, with the right ingredients and basic knowledge about candle making you can make very beautiful teacup candles of your preferred color and style. Read on the article to know more about teacup candles making process.
How To MakeTea Cup Candles
  • White Birthday Candle
  • Tea Cup with Saucer
  • Superglue
  • Metal Can (either coffee or soup can)
  • Tongs
  • White Candle Wax
  • Fill the vintage tea cup with hot water, so as to warm the cup. Warming the cup is a precaution to protect the vintage tea cup from breaking apart. If you don’t warm up the cup, there is possibility for it to crack when hot wax gets poured in it.
  • Fill a small pot with water and set it to boil. Wait for it to get boiled and meanwhile, you can break the big blocks of wax into small chunks. Small chunks of wax can be melted easier than the big hard ones. Place the chopped wax into a soup can.
  • Once you find out that the water is boiled, you can place the soup can into the boiling water by holding it in place with tongs. Then empty the water from the tea cup and dry thoroughly.
  • Once the wax is melted into a liquid form, you need to pour it into the tea cup slowly and very carefully to the desired height. Be careful to not to spill the hot wax outside the tea cup.
  • After the wax is completely melted and poured into the tea cup, it will become pliable. Then you can nail a hole down the centre.
  • Place a birthday candle in a color of your wish [white is preferable because it is easy to get white wax in the stores] and make sure that it matches with the color of the vintage tea cup which you are using for the process. If your candle color is white, then it will suit with any other color.
  • You need to melt a little more wax and pour it over the top of the candle. The birthday candle will make a perfect wick for your tea cup candle. You can also decorate the teacup with beads using superglue.

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