Add warm glow to your decor with Decorative candles! Read more to find homemade decorative candles.

Making Decorative Candles

Through centuries, candles have been offered as gifts to fight away darkness. During early Victorian age, candles adorned the Christmas tree and were considered as a symbol of the Star of Wonder. Today, candles have become an integral part of every celebration. From weddings, birthday parties, to festive celebrations, all are incomplete without candles. Majestically standing in candlesticks, their glow lights the face of lovers and make candle lit dinner a romantic and memorable affair. Today, decorative and scented candles enhance the spirit of any festival. From various fragrances to different shapes and colors, candle-making market is growing fast and is flooded with beautiful decorative candles. Decorative candles can be easily made at home and that too without much expense. So, decorate your candles with roses and leaves or add pine, cinnamon scent to them. Homemade decorative candles are not only best suited for festive occasion but are also a perfect gift for your loved ones! So, what are you waiting for, decorate your home with warm candle glow. Read on to know all about making decorative candles.
How To Make Decorative Candles
What You Need
  • Clear wax
  • Double boiler
  • Color and  scent of your choice
  • Old pizza cutter
  • Glass Candle holder 
How To Make
  • The first step in making decorative candles is making chips. 
  • Melt the wax in a double boiler.
  • When wax starts boiling, add scent and desired color to the wax. You can also add glitters to the wax if you want.
  • Next, pour the wax into a shallow tray when 1/8" thick.
  • Wait for it to cool.
  • Remove the wax from the tray when it is completely cooled.
  • Don't push too hard or the wax will crack. Set it aside for now.
  • Repeat the above steps until you have several trays ready.
  • You can use the wax trays to make thin chips. Use an old pizza cutter to form grid of rectangles of varying size on the tray. Don’t press too hard and don’t make ridges too deep.  
  • Use the ridges to help you snap the wax into small chips.
  • Arrange them ordered or haphazard, whichever way you like.
  • Next, fill your glass candleholder with the chips. However, remember to place the wick first and be careful that it stays in centre while you add chips.
  • Melt some more clear wax, and pour it slowly over the chips.
  • Let it cool and voila! You have beautiful decorative candle ready. 
Making Decorative Pressed Flower Candles
What You Need
  • Fresh, dried  flowers and leaves
  • Dripless candles of 3 inch diameter
  • Foam brush
  • Mod Podge 
How To Make:
  • Select the flowers leaves that you would like to use to decorate your candles. Flat materials work best in decorating the candle. So, you need to ‘press’ flowers and leaves. The best method to press fresh flowers is to pick them early in the morning. Place them under a heavy book or use a flower press. Leave it till next morning. Remember flowers don’t need to be dried, you just need to flatten them.
  • To decorate the candle, start working on one side of the candle at a time. Using foam brush, apply a thick layer of the Mod Podge to the area you wish to decorate.
  • Next, start pressing flowers and leaves on to the Mod Podge on the candle. Keep rotating your candle, applying more Mod Podge and adding flowers, leaves, until the entire area, you wish to decorate, is covered. 
  • Once, flowers and leaves are in place. Gently with foam brush add another coat of Mod Podge over the entire decorated area, making sure all the flowers and leaves are covered. Let it dry completely.
  • Your candle is ready!

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