Fight down your rivals by becoming a cowboy on this year’s birthday party. Read on to get a few essential and useful cowboy themed birthdays party ideas, as listed in this article.

Cowboy Birthday Party

Hew-haw, hackamore! Let these words be the slogan of your birthday party this year. There are many themes that people follow for their birthday parties, of which a cowboy theme is one of the famous and most loved themes, by all age groups. There are many ideas that you can follow to give a completely western and classy look to your cowboy party. Make your invitations with slogans or words relating to the theme, have the cowboy attire mandatory for all the guests, design the recipes and cake specially for the theme, and make arrangements to play related games, and so in. You can also invent your own party ideas and activities that you want to include, making the party a roaring success. Here are a few tips, following which will help you improvise your cowboy birthday party and have fun.
Cowboy Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Party invitation
You can make the invitation at home. Design the invitation on web with horse pictures, cowboy hat and ropes. You can even buy the invitations and other cowboy themed goods and items from a party store. Send the invitation at least 2 weeks in advance, so that the guests can prepare themselves for the theme. For youngsters, include the cowboy theme items like horse stick, hat and cowboy toys to play with.
Decorations And Favors
You can put a banner at the entrance, with some cowboy theme words or phrases to welcome the guests. Make a rope rail path to lead the guests to the front of the door. Use hay bales in the yard. This adds on to the decoration and also provides an extra seating arrangement. You can give straw, foam or felt cowboy hats to the guests as return gifts i.e. favors. Gold nugget gum bags, sheriff badges and cowboy bandanas make other nice options.
Party Activities
One can conduct roping context to keep the guests busy. You can use hula-hoops, ‘rope’ stick horses and even posts. If there are horses available at the venue, nothing will be better than taking your guests for a horse ride. However, proper safety measures should also be kept in mind while conducting such an activity. One can even hire a rope trick expert, with a show providing good entertainment to guests. A small movie with a cowboy story can be the best option for children. You can also play games like ‘Pin the Hat on the cowboy’. Packs of red and blue poker cards can also be left on tables for some spontaneous and impromptu game.
Food & Cake Ideas
Set up a chuck wagon with big pots of spicy chili, so that the guests can scoop into the bowls with a big ladle and fill their plates and bellies with some hamburgers, baked beans, baked potatoes and hot dogs. A birthday cake can also be based on the cowboy theme. An outhouse shaped cake or horse shaped cake is among the few options. Cow and other farm animals can also be added to the cake. You can even purchase a cake and can get it designed to match the birthday party theme.

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