The 18th birthday marks one’s formal entry into adulthood & thus calls for a real celebration. Read this article that provides you some really cool parties ideas for celebrating eighteenth birthday.

18th Birthday Party Ideas

Though all birthdays are special, the 18th one is extra special as it marks a person’s formal entry into adulthood. It is like a milestone in a person’s life and therefore, needs to be celebrated with an extra zing! Trying to incorporate certain elements in the 18birthday party celebrations so that they lend a somewhat grown-up touch is not a bad idea at all. Infact the person celebrating his / her 18th birthday party is too well aware of the fact that he / she is now entering adulthood and is sure to appreciate the gesture. So here are some interesting 18th birthday party ideas.  
Rent a Hotel Suite
You could consider renting a fine hotel suite for throwing a birthday bash. A lot of hotels have indoor swimming pools, which the guests can use for having a fun time. Play soft music in the background, with immaturely dressed waiters carrying drinks and snacks. This sure makes one remarkable birthday party idea for an 18 year-old.
Black & White Party
If you want to host an 18th birthday party with a somewhat formal touch, what can be a better idea than organizing it on a black and white dress code theme? Though the dresses donned by guests will be informal and chic, it is the black and white colors that will lend it a semi-formal look. Interesting, isn’t it?
Bonfire Party
This is a brilliant idea for eighteenth birthday if winter is just around the corner.  You could consider having a bonfire party at some nice tourist locale or even just outside your home in the garden or on the home terrace for celebration. With the guests all cuddled together, drinks in hand and lots of merriment going on, this party is surely going to be one nice warm memorable affair.
Taco Bar
Do you want some nice ideas for celebrating 18th birthday parties? Then, how about a taco bar? Proffer the guests bowls packed with all of the taco toppings they could possibly wish for and dish it out in a buffet-style. Keep lots of warm meat in a large pot and also provide soft and hard taco shells also. While cleaning up will easy, the guests too will return satiated.
Spa Celebration
Organize a free spa session for the guests before they hit the party in full swing. You can book for the guests a relaxing massage, pedicure and manicure at the nearby saloon. Make the guests feel pampered. Follow it by good food and dancing. 
Movie and a Meal

You can watch movies in your home theatre along with the guests. Serve snacks and drinks to provide a feel of a real movie theatre. As a perfect finishing touch, you could follow up with a meal at home or restaurant.

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