It feels like yesterday when your baby was born and now he is one year old. Check out ideas on how to celebrate first birthday party.

How To Celebrate First Birthday Party

The day has come. It’s your little one’s birthday today. It just seemed like yesterday when you held your baby in your arms and today he can stand on his own feet and take little steps. You can’t believe that your baby is one year old. Now you believe in the axiom that time flies by. Today the precious piece of your heart has reached the first milestone of his life and it surely calls for celebration. Your baby may not know all the hustle-bustle around you but he will surely appreciate it twenty years down the lane. So it is important for you to make the day as special for your child as much as you can. Actually, it is your day to show off your baby to your friends and family. You have survived all the diaper change and wee hours feeding. So it is more of your celebration than of your kiddo. Nevertheless, it is very important that whatever you plan you do it according to your baby. Nothing is more distressing than to see the “guest of honor” weepy and fussy. So before you plan anything understand your baby whether he is able to survive a big party or he is happy around few people who he knows. Plan accordingly and enjoy seeing your baby happy. Read on to know what you need to know to celebrate your baby’s first birthday party.
Baby’s First Birthday Party Ideas
Party Planning
Prepare the party much ahead of the time. Weave the party around your baby’s schedule. The party should not interfere with his naptime as it may make him grumpy and he won’t be able to enjoy the party. Decide on the party area. If you are throwing the party at your home, there should be enough space for people to move around and for that you could choose the largest room of your home. The music should be subtle so as not to disturb your baby. Also, keep the party to a most of two to two-and-half hours and wrap it before your baby’s sleep time.  
Whether or not you are celebrating a big party, you need to send invites. What better way to send invites than making it by yourself. A printed invitation is impersonal and if you can take out a little time, you can make it by yourself. Paste a picture of your baby on the cover of the invitation and write the invitation inside. You can also make it in a nappy shape. You just have to fold colorful handmade paper in the nappy shape and write the message over it.
Decide on the theme. Although it is not important to a one-year old, a theme will help you plan a party properly. In addition, the recordings and the videos of the party will tell your child when he is old enough to understand that how much you care. You can narrow on themes like the alphabet theme, nursery rhyme characters theme, farm animal party theme etc. You can also make a collage of all the photos of your baby and further embellish it with balloons and glitters.
Your baby may not understand all the buzz but a colorful decoration is sure to win his heart. Incorporate different colored balloons and streamers in the decoration. Add your baby’s favorite soft toys to the decoration. Don’t include precious centerpieces and mantles in the party if you are inviting children too.
You need to incorporate some games to indulge the adults invited to your party. Incorporate some easy to play games to entertain your guests. You can choose from many icebreakers game or add some games like “who knows the baby well”. You can ask questions like “what’s his favorite toy” etc. It will help your friends and family bond with the baby and equally amuse them.
Include foods according to your theme and the age group of the guests you are inviting. In addition, you can match the cake according to the theme or keep it in your baby’s favorite toy. Include your baby’s favorite food too and also take in colas and juices for the invited kids. It is better that you avoid alcohol. 

Now enjoy your little angel’s birthday but don’t forget to take many pictures and videos and make memories and mementoes for keepsake.

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