16th birthday party celebration holds great importance in the life of a girl. Go through this article and get ideas on how to celebrate 16th birthday.

How To Celebrate 16th Birthday

The 16th birthday holds as much importance in the life of a girl as the 18th birthday does in the life of a guy. It represents an important transitional year in her life. So, it becomes quite obvious that her 16th birthday party should also be very special. While planning the sweet 16 birthday of your daughter, it is very important to include her in each and every stage of preparation and stick to her tastes in almost everything, right from the decorations to the cake. Want to more on how to celebrate 16th birthday. Check out the ideas given in the lines below.
16th Birthday Party Celebration Ideas
Sit down with your teenage daughter and make a list of all the guests she wants to invite. Thereafter, you will need to make or purchase the invitations. You will get plenty of 'Sweet 16th Birthday' invitations in the market. Yet another option would be download them from the internet, along with clipart image. Make sure that you use pink or white card stock paper for the purpose. Remember, the invitations need to be sent at least two weeks before the party, so that the guests get enough time to schedule it in.
While decorating the venue for your daughter's 16th birthday party, it is best to use her favorite colors. In case you want to go the traditional way, pinks and purples will be perfect. Get lots of streamers, heart-shaped balloons and the like, to decorate the venue. Cover the tables in a shimmering pink fabric and add a floral centerpiece in the middle. You can also use framed pictures of your daughter and her friends, as the centerpiece. Make sure that there is enough standing space at the venue, to allow the guests to mingle.
The activities for the party should be planned keeping in mind the guests that have been invited. If the party guests comprise of girls only, you can arrange typical girly games for them. However, if boys have also been invited, then activities like karaoke or talent show (where each teen performs an act that is consistent with his/ her talents) would be great. The games involving group participation, like dumb charades, would also make good options. Make sure that there are enough games and activities to keep the guests entertained. 
Cake & Snacks
As it is, a birthday party is incomplete without a cake. On top of that, if it is your daughter's 16th birthday party, you can be sure that cake forms a quintessential part. The best bet would be to have a layered color in your daughter's favorite flavor and colors. Coming down to snacks, it is advisable to go for finger foods that are easy to eat, such as a variety of finger sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and a fruit and vegetable tray. Make sure to have lots of soda bottles and some sweetmeats as well.
Last, but not the least, make sure to keep favors for all the guests of your daughter's 16th birthday party. They are not only a way to thank them for their participation, but also make sure that all the kids remember the party for a long time to come. There are lots of options when it comes to favors for teenagers, You can go for a small pouch with things like gloss, nail polish and fingernail files for girls. As for guys, gaming CDs, music CDs, playing cards and the like would be the perfect options.

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