If booze isn't the word for you, there are loads of bachelor party alternatives that can rock your bachelor bash. Let’s have a look at some alternative ideas for a bachelor party.

Bachelor Party Alternatives

When you hear the term 'bachelor party', the images that come to your mind are those of drunken men and strippers, with beer flowing out like river. Unlike what most people believe, all the bachelor parties do not have to be the run of the mill type? Although stag parties are still popular, many grooms-to-be don’t want to celebrate their last day of bachelorhood in the clichéd style. If you are the best man and it’s up to you to arrange the party for the would-be-groom, with the help of groomsmen, make sure you know what excites him. If he isn’t interested in the night of overindulgence, there are many alternatives you can look for and make the day memorable for him. Here are some of the most popular bachelor party alternatives, using which you can plan a low-key, yet fun party.
Alternative Ideas For A Bachelor Party
Plan A Dinner Party
If your friend is a big-time foodie, treat him with a nice big dinner at a private party. You can invite all his friends and each of them can take time to say something funny about the groom-to-be. You can even make a slide show of the groom’s life, right from childhood till date. The warm friendly environment will capsulate the groom and the cold-feet which he might be getting before the wedding will all lope.
Go Fishing
There is no rule that says bachelor party should be at night only. If the groom-to-be is into fishing, then you can take him on a fishing trip, in a chartered boat arranged by you and the other groomsmen. Make sure to carry various food items and booze (if he enjoys a drink). 
Watch A Sporting Event
What better bachelor party for a sports lover than treating him to a courtside ticket of a game where his favorite team is playing! Go ahead and surprise him by making the commentator announce well wishes, from you and the other groomsmen, during the half time.
Go Rock Climbing
This is suitable for only those grooms-to-be who are interested in rock climbing. Sometimes, even if they are, many men prefer to spend the time in less exhaustible things at the last day of their bachelorhood. So, if you want to take your friend rock-climbing, it’s better to consult him before you plan anything.
Enjoy Camping
A camping experience will provide the groom-to-be a chance to get away from all the buzz and give him enough the time to rejuvenate and be a peace. Camping will give him the necessary refreshments, as planning a wedding is indeed a very stressful event.
Plan A Road Trip
A road trip will be the ideal gift for the would-be-groom who loves to indulge in adventurous activities. Take him to a road trip to an old town where he studied and give him a surprise party (which you have already planned with some of his old-town-friends there).
Go Skiing/ Bungee Jumping
If the groom-to-be loves skiing, but doesn’t get time to go for it often, delight him by taking him on a skiing trip. In case he doesn't mind getting into something a bit dangerous, then indulge him by taking him for bungee jumping.
Go On A Cruise
If you have got enough time on hand, take the groom-to-be on a cruise. Invite your friends and have as much fun you can. Nobody is there to see you, as you all go crazy in middle of the sea.

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