Giving going away party is a very simple task, provided you plan it properly. Find out some farewell party ideas.

Going Away Party Ideas

When someone dear and close to you migrates, it hurts unimaginably. Nothing or no-one can compensate their place in your life. There would always remain a void which will sometimes be felt as sadness, and sometimes as intangible memories. The last moments you have with them, becomes a memory for the lifetime; whether you cried or you laughed together, it will be a feeling that will stay with you forever. Why not make this moment all the more special and make it memorable. If someone really dear to you is leaving, they need to know that they will be missed. Because, it is not just you who is feeling sad and nostalgic about it, the person who is leaving is going through turmoil. This person is shifting his base, all the life he created in that place has ended now. He must also be feeling anxious for his new life in this new place; leaving behind friends, relatives and familiar faces is never easy. Imagine this nervousness and complexity of emotions. The only thing that is making him stronger is your presence and contribution in his life, in that particular moment. You should strive hard to make him as happy as you can. This will instill a feeling of positivity in him; he will feel more confident about his decision of moving away. You want to make your dear one feel happy about his choice, because you are sure that it is a step forward for him; as a friend, as a loved one you need to be happy in his happiness and show that you back him up in everything. What better way to express these subtle and pristine emotions, to show that you care, than to throw your loved one a going away party. This party will mean the celebration of your loved one in your life, celebration of your love and friendship. This will be a very memorable event in both of your lives and even in the lives of people who attend it. You can bring together all the people that your loved one knows, from all the spheres of his life, the ones who have been close to him or been wonderful to him from time to time. This can also be, in a way, a thank you from your side, when you host your loved ones going away party, to all those who have been kind to him. But, it is not as simple as that. Arranging a going away party for your loved one needs preparation and organizing. There are a few basic points to remember while preparing for a going away party:
Ideas For A Farewell Party
  • Time: Time is a very important factor when it comes to going away parties. You should rightly time it. Your loved one is already running on a tight schedule; imagine packing up all of life from one place and flying away to another, to build up something completely new, in unfamiliar environment. You want this party to be a happy affair for your friend, something he can cherish forever. You certainly do not want him to feel stressed, like he has to squeeze out time for the party with a lot of difficulty. Take information about your friend’s schedule and inform him way before the party. Or if you are planning to throw a surprise party, make sure that you throw this party well in advance.
  • Invites: the important task is to decide who all you are going to invite for this party. Do not forget anyone otherwise it will represent you friend in a bad light, as if the person who you missed out on was not important to your friend. These types of things have a long lasting impact. Your responsibility is to contact everyone who you think has some sort of value in your friend’s life. Be careful to not call random acquaintances. These invitations should be sent at least a week or two before the party.
  • Set-up: You should be ready with the structural decisions, where to throw the party and what to have in the party. The venue is important; as the personal nature of the party, it is important to consider a space for the party that has some sentimental value.  This is the reason why people generally keep their house or the friend’s house at the venue. Also, you have to decide what drinks and food to have for the party. It is advisable that you have canopies for the party because the people will be on the move or standing at one place, since the nature of this party will be more casual rather than formal. If you want to have a formal dinner party, then it is recommended only to call a small people for it, because with a large group it might fail.
  • Relaxed Environment: It is imminent that you keep the party very casual and relaxed. Give time, space and opportunity to people to bid goodbye to you friend. Do not fill the party with too many activities. Also, keep the music soft and soothing so that people can talk to each other. Let people have an opportunity to reminiscence the old times with him and be nostalgic.
  • Gift: At the end of the party, gift him something memorable. This gift should ideally have an impression of everyone at the party, on it. You can get him his favorite book or a cd by his favorite band or singer and get everyone to sign it for him. You can also make a scrap book and ask everyone to write special things on it and contribute special pictures. It would be like a special memoir.
  • Happy Moments: It is your role as a host f the party to keep lifting up the spirits of everyone at the party, as it is an emotional affair. Keep the spirits high and keep introducing funny incidents with your friend, in the past or tell some interesting anecdotes.  

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