Choosing best gifts for farewell party can be slightly difficult, partly due to the occasion for which you are selecting them. Explore the article to find some memorable farewell gift ideas.

Farewell Gift Ideas

Bidding farewell to people, whom you feel close to and associated with, is certainly not easy and you are obviously going to miss them dearly. Giving a nice gift on someone's farewell is a sweet gesture to make the other person realize his/her importance in your life. The tradition of giving gifts as a goodbye gesture has continued since ages, as gifts are considered to be a token of love. However, choosing a memorable gift can be tricky sometimes, as you do not know what the other person is going to really adore. This article brings some fabulous farewell gift ideas, to help you in giving an unforgettable farewell to your dear ones.  
Best Gifts For Farewell Party
Framed Photograph
A beautifully framed photograph is undoubtedly one of the best farewell gifts to give. You can frame a photograph of yourself with the person you are giving the gift to, that is if you have any. It can also be a group photograph. Go for ethnic looking photo frames, so that the recipient of your gift can proudly showcase the photo frame in his/her house. Also, such a gift will always keep you alive in the memories of the recipient.
Inspirational Book 
Books that are inspirational in nature also make for an ideal farewell gift. If the recipient is fond of reading, you can surely choose a great book out of the plethora of inspirational books available out there. It is always advisable to keep the taste of the receiver in mind, before zeroing in on any of the books, as your options might not be restricted to inspirational books. You can choose a different genre as well, depending on the likes of the recipient.
Music CD
A music CD comprising of the favorite songs of the person, you are giving farewell to, is ample evidence of the special effort you have made in compiling the tracks most liked by him/her. Such a gift, which conveys the importance you attach to a person, is always unique and much cherished by the recipient. Adding a personal touch will always make the other person think of you, whenever he/she will listen to your music CD.
A Self-Written Poem
Writing a farewell poem can be a little challenging and you may get to explore your writing skills in the process. However, if you can manage to come up with something truly expressive, you have hit the bull's eye. A poem written by you would make for a very thoughtful gift for the recipient, which he/she can preserve for a lifetime. Nothing conveys your feelings better than a few heart-felt lines.
Memento & Card
For those who can't conjure up their poetic skills, a memento and greeting card can also solve the purpose. Though the gift may appear to be very simple and nothing close to being innovative, a memento can be a very moving gift. It is symbolic of your close association with the receiver. Write a personal message inside the card to personalize the gift.

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