Wedding shower is thrown in honor of both the bride and the groom. Explore the article to know about the wedding shower themes.

Wedding Shower Themes

When your friend decides to get married and choose you as his/her groomsmen or bridesmaid, you feel exhilarated to be a part of the most special day of your friend’s life. And, the best way to return the favor is by throwing him or her a shower. Although generally a bride is thrown a bridal shower and a groom a bachelor’s party, nowadays many couples are opting for a wedding shower, which means the party thrown in the honor of both the bride and groom. Actually, a wedding shower is a great way to give the marrying couple a break from their stressful busy life and to pamper them. Having a theme for the wedding shower makes the arrangement of the party easier and also make it more beautiful. Read on to know the themes for wedding shower.
Themes For Wedding Shower
Jack and Jill Wedding Shower
This is one of the most common and one of the most popular wedding shower themes. This theme is easy to pick too, all you have to do is to know the place, or activity the couple likes and center the whole shower around it. A Jack and Jill wedding shower can be held as a cookout, rock climbing, kayaking, BBQ, on the beach, on a picnic or anywhere the couple wants it. When you are throwing a jack and Jill wedding shower, just remember that it should cater to both male and female guests. Make sure that whatever theme you choose is equally exciting for both the sexes. If the bride doesn’t want to spend the time rock-climbing or kayaking, plan something which caters to both the bride and groom and to the guests too. Sometimes, couples don’t want to spend time doing very strenuous activities like rock-climbing etc, just before their wedding, so make sure that you know what the bride and groom wants, before planning a jack and Jill shower. If the guests are allowed to bring the gifts, then you can tell them to bring the gifts according to the theme and catering to both bride and groom. Guests could also bring common gifts too.
 Garden Party
What can be better than a party in a beautiful garden with cool, fresh air and beautiful plants and trees? The cool breeze, the colorful flower garden serves as a gorgeous backdrop for an elegant party. To further the beauty and delight the senses, for centerpieces, you could use fresh flowers from the garden itself. Even potted plants like mint or even herbs like oregano, or Holy Basil can be used to decorate the tables. Decoration of garden themed party is also very easy. You could throw both a day light party and an evening candlelit party. Decorate with balloons, crepe paper, and lighting for the evening. Choose a color theme, which is neuter gender, and weave the party around it. Ask the bride and groom and then invite the friends and families according to it. You could ask the guests to bring gifts, which could be used in the garden like some garden tools, etc., now lay back and let the guests and the Bride and Groom enjoy the party amidst nature.
 Honeymoon Shower
A honeymoon shower party is a very romantic way to treat a couple and celebrate their honeymoon destination. Whether it is Hawaii that they are celebrating their honeymoon or an exotic locale of Italy, or even snow laden peak of Himalayas, arrange the shower accordingly. Arrange the decoration to remind them the place where the couple will celebrate their most romantic time of their life. You could ask the guests to bring the gifts according to the theme and something, which the couple could use when they are on honeymoon. If most of the people who are attending are couples, you could incorporate some couple-games, which would not only bring some fun elements to the party but would also bring the couple closer to each other.
 Ethnic Theme
If the bride and groom want a silent but elegant wedding shower, your best bet would be to throw them an ethnic theme-wedding shower. It could be either based on the lineage of bride or groom or both. Plan a shower according to the theme. The people could dress in the fashion and foods could be arranged keeping in mind the ethnic food. For example for a Hawaiian heritage, the foods, which could be served at the party, are fresh fruits, poi poi, and some tropical drinks. Arrange some games to keep everyone enjoying and keep the party happening.
Wine Tasting Shower
If the bride and groom digs good wine, then the best idea would be to throw them a wine tasting shower for a couple’s wedding shower. You could arrange the party at the local winery or drive them to a special wine tasting fair. Arrange some light foods, which go with the wine tasting. Guests could also bring a wine bottle or anything related to the wine. A wine tasting theme is a perfect idea for a laidback and relaxing evening for everyone related to the wedding especially the bride and groom. However, make sure that you don’t extend the party for more than two to three hours.
 Stock The Bar 
This is another fun way to throw a wedding shower especially if the couple enjoys alcohol and beverages. This party could be thrown at a farm house or even at somebody’s house. Let all the guests bring their own booze and after the bar is stocked, let everyone mix their own cocktail in honor of the bride and groom. You could also hold this party at a bar preferably one of couple’s favorite joints. Engage a DJ too and enjoy to the fullest.
70s Themed Wedding Shower
This is another of the most common wedding shower themes. You can just weave the party around the theme and you are ready to throw the party. To add in the fun element, arrange a fancy dress party with the theme of 70’s Hollywood. The foods could also be arranged according to the theme. You could also incorporate some games to make the party happening for everybody.
Luau Theme Wedding Shower
Luau is a Hawaiian word, which means 'a feast'. Thus, a Luau theme-wedding shower means throwing a feast in honor of the bride and groom. It is generally a small gathering of friends and families to enjoy food, and share good time with each other. You could also incorporate some of the traditional Hawaiian dances and songs to add in the ethnic elements to it. Actually, this theme-wedding shower is a great way to enjoy the company of the people and to forget all the stress and anxieties.

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