Red wine is one of the most renowned drinks of all time. Explore the article to know how to make red wine.

How To Make Red Wine

Red wine is amongst one of the best wines. It is not only yummy but a moderate amount of red wine is considered healthy and studies show that it can lower heart attack in middle aged people by 30 to 50 percent. It is also a rich source of antioxidants. Now did you get another chance to enjoy this delightful drink? However, going to the wine store every time you want to have red wine is not a good option especially at the time of this economic crunch. Wine making has been a custom for thousands of years and has been followed with proper rituals and regimes even in Ancient Civilizations. The process of wine making is not difficult if you follow the directions properly. The different types of red wine, which you see in the liquor stores wrapped in fancy packages, are also made by the same process. Red wine is generally made with the fresh harvested black grapes, which provides the color to it. Explore the pointers to know the ways of making red wine.

Making Red Wine 

  • Invest in a wine making kit. You will get it at your local wine shop. The wine kit includes items like a primary fermenting bucker, tubing, corks, and glassware with a written instruction of how to go about making red wines. Check on you tube and read articles about wine making.
  • First, you need to do the primary fermentation. It can be done in the bucket, which comes with wine kit. Crush the freshly harvested black grapes and put the pulp in the bucket.  
  • Now take water, and boil it and add sugar to it. Let the sugar dissolve in the water and after it has melted, add it to the pulp.  
  • Now fasten the bucket and air tight it. Let it set for at least twenty-four hours.
  • Get a hydrometer if it doesn’t come with the wine kit. It will help you get a reading of your mixture and you would be able to use the directions on the hydrometer for further help.
  • Take out the secondary fermenter from the wine kit and pour the first staged wine into it. Now add the yeast to it, which will help in further fermentation.
  • While the wine ferments, you need to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t turn into just vinegar. Stir it several times a day taking care that you don’t bring the unwanted oxygen into the concoction.
  • Now you need to separate your wine to prepare for the final stage of winemaking. You can separate it by tapping and then straining it to remove the pulp.
  • While your wine prepares, keep a watchful eye on it. After it is done foaming and all the bubbles have subsided, you can add the final items like bentonite.
  • To increase the taste of the wine, you can keep a campden tablet in it before you start bottling. If you are buying the corks, soak them in sulfile solutions a day before bottling process starts.  
  • After you are done bottling all you have to do is to apply a label and keep them aside for months or even a year before you drink.

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