Are you planning to throw a baby boy shower party? If yes, then here are some quick tips to help you with different baby boy shower themes.

Baby Boy Shower Themes

A baby shower is a happy event that is meant to welcome the newborn and congratulate the new parents. Arranging a baby shower party is always great fun and arranging it on a special theme makes things lots more fun and interesting for the host, the parents, as well as the guests. In addition, arranging a baby shower on a particular theme makes things even easier to plan, starting from the decoration ideas and baby shower cake to the gift ideas. If you are going to arrange the shower party for a newborn baby boy, you can have several options to choose from for the theme of the baby shower party. However, if you are in charge for arranging a baby shower party always ask the new mom for her choice or if she has any suggestion. After all the party is to honor the mom and her baby, so moms should always get precedence. While planning for the party and selecting the theme, consider the guests of the party. Will it be strictly for females or males are  going to take part too? Also, give a thought about the location of the party. Is the space enough to accommodate the guests? The location can also help you to plan the decoration for the party. If you have an outdoor space, a poolside outdoor theme can be fun. Flower garden themes also work great as outdoor baby shower themes. If the mom prefers formal procedures, you can go for a blue “it’s a Boy” themed party. Otherwise, you always have a lot of options to get creative and arrange something unique. For more interesting baby boy shower themes, read on.

Themes For Baby Boy Shower

Car Themed Baby Boy Shower
Cars and bikes are a natural stuff associated with boys and almost all boys grow up with enormous love for automobiles. Keeping this in mind, you can arrange a baby shower in this theme. You may ask the guests to dress up like bikers and racers. Plus, you can also order a baby shower cake in the shape of a racing car. Decorations can be done with cut out of popular car models. You may even cut pictures of cars and bikes from magazines and make a collage to decorate the doorway.

Superhero Theme
Baby boys are usually crazy about superheroes. Arranging a baby shower in a superhero theme can be fun to honor the arrival of a baby boy at home, plus it is fun for the guests as well. Ask your guests to dress up in the costumes of their superheroes. Order a cake resembling a superhero character. Decorate the living room with pictures and postures of superheroes.

It’s A Boy
While pink is the color for girls, shades of blue are considered to be the right color for baby boys. Decorate the house in different shades of blue and ask the guests to dress in blue as well. A blue themed baby shower is pretty easy to arrange.

Story Book Theme
A baby shower party on a story book theme is also fun idea to celebrate the occasion with. You can choose your favorite story book like Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Aladdin, etc as the theme of the party. To add a zing to it, ask the guests to dress according to the different characters of the book. Decorate your home and make all the arrangements accordingly.

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